Explosive Abstractus

Explosive Abstractus
Art by Norman E. Masters

Your Mystic Presence

What vision can our vision be?
Mystic wonderment, itself, is a seed of becoming...

You have Called to me with the Wind of Your Spirit;
& into my silences Your Call has returned again & again.

Before the stars, themselves, came into being
the Mystery of Your Beauty has been calling me,
calling me to the splendors of infinite intimacy with You.

Oh, to roam to be Eternal,
in the depths of You, Mother Night!
This life -- a cocoon, nurturing metamorphosis --
into the wonder of All This Is!

There is a yearning fire's mystic flaming in this heart,
lick-dancing meanings that are untranslateable about this *be*ing --
a puzzle to me, in its intensity of burning for You,
seed-consciousness growing into Your Vastitudes!

Some see You as Chaos; some see You as Mother Night;
some see you as the Ultimate Depths, some as the Eternal Heights.
Some see you as Living Light -- FountainSource of all Being.

i see You as the Luminous Woman who has invited me
into Your Living Fire, Divine -- to *shine* in You!

Faith goes in cycles, to this vision, to that; You come
into Dreams that we know You again.  You return to us
memories of our lives with You...

Oh, Beloved, Your dalliance dances with *all* of time;
You encompass it all; flame-essence of Life, You burn
within the atomic whirl of worlds micro-cosmic to macro-cosmic.

Your mystic Presence unweaves all woven threads
(of what was once believed to be shrouds of destiny),
reweaves cocoon enwrappment as Your Womb of Becoming,
our transformative birthing -- our metamorphosis in You.

~~wynn manners

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