Cosmic Centering

Cosmic Centering
Art by Norman E. Masters

from the words of Hafiz

We are, you and I
   two falling stars in the dark sky
no one knows of our sublime beauty
     we hold hands with God and burn
    into a sacred existence
        that defies & surpasses every description
            of ecstasy and love.

Because of our wisdom:
    water is scarce & precious in many parts of the world.
People sometimes have to walk a great distance
    then carry heavy jugs upon their heads.

Because of our wisdom:
    we will travel far for love.
All movement is a sign of thirst.

Most speaking really says
    "I am hungry to know You."

Every desire of your body is holy:
    Why wait until you are dying
    to discover that divine truth?

"I am certain of nothing
but of the holiness of the heart's affections
and the truth of the Imagination."
--John Keats

Frank John Culley

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