Sweet Mystique 3

Sweet Mystique 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

In The Circle
Of Eternal Stillness

In the Circle of Eternal Stillness 
i was an element of Your Light;
in the Repose of Infinite Motion i was a seed 
in Your Womb of Potential; Your Love lapped round me, 
reposing in You, from the Beginning of this awareness, itself, 
growing wonder*filled in the Vastness of Your All.

How is it i have come to Your Love 
without any travelling to get Here?

In the depths of Your eternal nature, 
in the deep & infinite Well of Your Vastitude,
Your limitless intelligence inherent in the 
seed-matrix of the life-fabric itself,
You touch in as deeply as the verimost 
isness of being, anywhere, everyhere... 


You who are the Eternal Wisdom, Beloved, 
all Divine Understanding: from the Living Fountain 
of Your Heart of Love the sibylline wisdom
of the ages has flowed, revealing 
the deeper significance of our lives in the living...

Your Voice, flowing soft ripples thru my mind, 
caressing my internity, weaves me unto 
this cleaving in You... inwarms me to *be* 
Your delicate sensitivity into flesh and time
-- in this Loving that will not end...

~~wynn manners
January 9, 2004
revised Nov. 2, 2005

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