Veiled Wisdom in Crystal Rainbow Radiances

Art by Norman E. Masters

Embrace Wisdom!

Wisdom can be embraced!
She speaks seductive poems; She evokes desire.
She is She Who Must Be Enjoyed,
She who delights in the human race,
She who desires to connect with even the
foolish, the immature, those who lack sense.

The riches of eternal imagination are in Her;
and She is generous in sharing them.
Her hospitality is offered freely;
and Her hospitality is both erotic and domestic.

Who will respond to Wisdom, and be entertained by Her
in an energetic and fruitful union?

What is *borne* of deepest and most
intimate comm*union* with Her?

Wisdom mediates the Truth of the Divine -- as relationship.

Wisdom is the Life of those who love,
and She watches over those who love Her.

She is the Love Who consummates all living.

Wisdom seduces with the Wine of Divine Truth;
and those who participate in Her loving emancipation
are uttermostly satisfied in Her embrace.

Her very Name remains unspeakable
in most mainstream Christian liturgies
because She is the erotic *charge* of connection with the Divine.

She is the Spirit of a pure-hearted sensuosity
that (revels) all delicately, all sensitively, all deliciously,
in sacred freedom from all indoctrinated guilt
-- Heaven COME *now*!

Sacred eros, sacramental joynINg, holy whoopee!
Sophia is never divorced from these!

Who desires Wisdom most wholly?
The desire may be intellectual or erotic,
sensually embodied or a reflection of a reflection of a reflection,
or a vulnerable opening of the deepest internity
to an encounter with the transcendent Other.

Wisdom IS.

We come not to Wisdom just to *hear* Her;
we come to participate -- most intimately --
in the very Essence of Her *Be*ing.

Wisdom teaches and (in)forms -- thru *experiencing* Her.
She shapes; She (re)makes; She metamorphosizes;
She evolves our consciousnesses -- thru
intimately *knowing* Her numinosity, Her clarity, Her compassion.

We taste Her, and there is a sense of deja vu
recognising, remembering the flavor
that has been withheld from us since Eden.

In Wisdom, Eden returns to us.

Jan. 27-28, 2002

a re:shaping by
~~wynn manners

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