Flame Of The Rose Caress

Flame Of The Rose Caress
Art by Norman E. Masters

We Are Sacrament

We are a living mirror, because of our free will, the kind of glass that Alice fell through to learn about herself.

We, the created world, are a Sacrament, an outward sign of the inward grace of the Absolute.

In our becoming, She is becoming (in both senses of the word).

My daughters made me a mother and then taught me how to be one, a changing one as their needs and (in)dependence changed.

If it is true that "the child is father of the man," is it not, likewise, possible that we are essential to the ongoing, living Mother/Father nature of God?

Which is why we must dance, and make love, and soak up rays. Our dance of ecstasy not only pleases Her, it fulfills Her.

Merry Hall

Jan 16, 2001

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