Brown Study

Brown Study
Art by Norman E. Masters

Knowledge of Woman
is Knowledge of All

I gaze in awe at her long brown hair as her naked body is on its side, facing away from me. I listen to the heavy sound of her breathing as she sleeps. I nudge close to her. I breathe her in. The scents. The warmth from her bottom radiates and draws me inward. I realize, deep down, that meditation on WOMAN brings one to full knowledge of God and Universe....if there is a distinction between the two for like God, Universe is all-inclusive. Dimensions unseen and dimensions seen comprise the Universe (United Verse).

Knowledge of Woman is knowledge of All. One who does not know Woman intimately knows nothing. All the cycles of the universe are mirrored in Woman.....the Mind.....the Processes of Nature. All is mirrored there. Man's desire to know Woman is his desire to know Truth and Truth is Nature for Nature means Essence. To know Woman is to know the foundations of one's's Nature.

Mother says:

"My traits have not been inherited from any side (i.e., her mother or father). All of you have inherited my traits."

This is interesting for as I looked upon Stephanie's card, I saw sand with ripples traveling like waves. I saw the Ocean and in that Ocean of waves I saw the mountains reaching for the sky and rolling hills that go on forever. I gaze at her skin and I see the universe.

Mother says:

"I am not anything that I was not before. From birth onward, I have ever been the same. If there is any change, it is in your understanding of me."

"Herself unchanging, She renews the world," Hagia Sophia.

Mother is the unchanging agent of change. Sophia, the Beloved, never changes. Only our perspective of Her changes. Theology is nothing more than trying to define the elephant by tugging on her tail.

This one is tough, though it somehow speaks to my heart:

"For me, there has never been any question of seeking. Spiritual seeking arises only when there is the thought that there is something apart from all this (visible creation). I never think about achieving something that is not already here and now....I have never been after anything."

IN line with the holographic universe:

"That which is All is the Mother. The wise one is he who has equated himself with that."

I think to equate with all is to equate also with nothing for nothing and all are marriage partners and hence nothing is something of the all. 0 and 1.

"Some wonder whether I am God or not. I am the Mother and you the children. In my view, God does not exist separately somewhere. You are all God. there is no divinity existing apart from what we see before us."

"He is formless because all forms are His. He is nameless because all names are His. He is without attributes because all attributes are His."

When we have ALL, there is nothing more to strive for hence to be all is to be nothing.

"Mother is like the Earth Herself, which assimilates filth as well as good things. Whether a thing is good or bad is your concern -- the Earth and Mother make no such distinction."

In this I hear the Beloved's, "Judge not or ye shall be judged." It is we who judge and in turn judge ourselves. The Sun shines on sinner and saint alike...if it were not true, these would not be.


Burl B. Hall

June 9, 2001

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