From the Heart of Infinity

o heart so bright with promise

                                                                             ~~ for Angel

when misery is your company & despair is the air you breathe
when despondency becomes hazardous to health -- a lethal desperation --
focus upon the Heart of the Mystery -- your enigmatic internity,
mysteriously illimitable --
& weave bright wonder to fill the skies of your secret longings

or find your sacred strength
by gathering-in your joys
-- a bouquet of because...

Joy -- in its extremities -- heightened to self-forgetfulness --
so sweeter than smaller pleasures of self's delight-in-self...
with sweeter effect upon the world -- transfusing with light of delight

brief gladnesses have passed like strains of a yearning melody?
stress suppresses all memories of a long-gone sweeter felicity
more poignant for its passing?

these frail precarious days -- how enticing they still can be
when seen with the dancing delicacy
of your refined defining sensitivity
each sensuous sensation seducing your soul's entrancing emancipation

simply to breathe-in! ... breath of roses to heighten
the soul's delightening
so exquisite! -- each softest touch of ordinary things
dandelion poof! taking whirly-twirly wing
leaves swaying the wind's sashay... imagination teasing in with a
"come play with me! in realms of endless possibility!" promising
quivering ecstasies, alluring discoveries & mellifluous serendipity
if you seduce the persistent vision & ravish it ardently!

o strange-eyed wonder, whirling, too, the wild & quivering yearnings
thru the heart that heaves in dreaming desire -- so tumultuously afire!
with intensitudes you strive to reach to teach thru each resounding
cry of your naked spirit screaming "WHY?!"
-- shivering the surrounding silences

o heart who dares to bare your fears to share those meanings
of life where strife defines your aspiration
for the larger dream that corruscates your mind to create
that blushing-so-flushing florescence of fondest inspiration

... remember ...

you live a dream as real as daylight, vast as night between the stars,
moon-shadowed with mystery...

& in your deepest aloneness you are *free*!

for the Heart of Infinity is breathing you
thru pain to strengthen birthing anew
from this womb of transformation

                                                             ~~ Norea St. John

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