Thru The Dimensions 3

Thru The Dimensions 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

Time Is Your Mystic Dance

The light in one's own heart -- it is to let shine...
Our devotion to Love, are we to veil this delight?

Ah, Sophia -- living jewel of eternity, pearl of all pearls the greatest --
it is You who awakens the shining within us & makes our hearts glad.

Your own Radiance is the Eternal Planting of Light in our hearts.
Time is Your mystic dance; Eternity is Your unveiling...

Life-searching for what value of surpassing worth
i fell into the ocean of Your unfathomable Love...

Whether i float, whether i swim, or whether i drown in Your Love
-- what matter when it is all You... You... You!

Take me *deeper* into Your sublime Mysteries
for i would dive as deep as forever into You...

Your grace is abundant, an empyrean solace; the sky of my hope
is as boundless as Your acceptance of this lone Lover's cry:
but to love You, love You, unceasingly...

~~wynn manners


She has Her being way above all this. Her Ether (Her true Nature) permeates everything from the grossest matter to the more Sublime refined energy that we feel as uncomparable Love in our being. She is even more than all that we can ever utter.

She is everything. For those who vibrate in their bodies, she is Mother Nature. For those who are developing their psychic abilities at this physical level, She becomes Gaia, the Divine Celestial Body, the mother of all living. As the spiritual energy becomes more refined She takes a more spiritual identity. At the Heart level She is Mary the Mother of Christ. When the mental and heart combine She becomes the Sophia of wisdom. For the mystics She is the Lover of our soul. And again She is more, much more.

It is when we discover our true Essence that we know that She has no body, no identity, is only pure Love, a River flowing toward a Focus point of Divinity of Unity.

~~Ananda Ananda

March 18, 2003

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