Art by Norman E. Masters

"Come to me now..."

"Come to me now..." -- Sophia's Voice, awakening me, about 4:50 a.m. 27.July.04

5:08 a.m.

For You to reveal Yourself i must conceal myself, Beloved & surrender absolutely to the work in question.

Only in total mergence with You can Your secrets be revealed, & then they are Our secrets, borne of these secret longings, at One with You in secret heartpulse, secret knowing.

For this timelessness out-of-time, to be thinking of nothing *but* You, sincere in devotion, wholly receptive to the counsel of Your wisdom...

As i flow into You and You flow into me a sense of the Infinite expands the core of this being, renewing creative energy... & in freedom we do the activity of our choice.

The soul is at work... & the Spirit who interpermeates our sense of being is multi-dimensional & multi-visioned, for anima mundi, the world soul, sees beyond this world to even *be* this world.

Every individual mind is an alternate dimension enfleshed into this time, living worlds within Wurlde...

Our soul connects us to the Spirit of All, & in our passion for You, Beloved, we *real*ize the divine energy of creativity into actual living, a life of creative activity, activating...

Water-crystal eyes, water-crystal vision thru a membrane that is leaking tears of joy... beginning to see beauty in all things... for beauty is ever before the eyes of beauty, blessed... & blessing, thereby...

To look for beauty elsewheres & fail to see beauty this here*now... ah! how to be missing!

Sophia Luministe... Spirit Who belongs not to time... in You i experience a sense of the infinite expanding beyond all sense of boundaries into Your boundlessness... each soul an infinite potentiality within Your own infinity, infinitudes within infinitudes...

The essence of life is change, not changelessness. The essence of life is growth, recombinant... & thought is one aspect of this essencing, exploring all potentia. Potent in the divine potential...

Divine Sophia Amorata... You *real*ize Yourself in mutual multiformations thru unnumberable different ways and are ever curious of new sensations and fresh perspectives. Thru constant change, & thru constant change alone, You evolve the fullness of Your true unity.

~~ wynn manners

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