Wisdom Is Our Sanctuary

Wisdom is the Divine Source of love, mercy, sympathy, forgiveness,
regeneration, strength, humility, compassion.
Wisdom is tender and all deep feelings are rooted in Her.

Wisdom brings us into touch with the eternities & infinitudes.
Wisdom is our soul's soaring ecstasy and our heart's beatitude.

Wisdom infills us with reverance before Her
& for each other, for Her fibres bind us, soul to soul,
heart-to-heart in an inweaving that is wholly holy.
In Wisdom the outer & inner are one.

Wisdom opens the mysterious gates to our radiant core
& She *is* the sacred fire, forever burning...
Wisdom is the glow of infinite thought, divinely radiant.
Wisdom bares the treasuries of the heart's treasure store;
Wisdom lifts the veil of Her Mysteries for those who love Her deepest.

Wisdom is Living Spirit, animating & endlessly
reanimating our lifejoy in Her;
Wisdom fills our hearts' chalices full to running over...
Wisdom is our access to Goodness,
expanding the heart's capacities.

Soft, liquid eyes, tender, delicate & loving,
sensitive flesh taking holy pleasure in each other --
that these sensitivities even *be*
is Wisdom's gift to us... & Wisdom
is with us, in the sharing, the baring, the caring.

Wisdom is the highest truths
coming from the deepest depths of the human soul;
Wisdom returns us to wholeness
in Her eucharist of love, together in Her.

To embrace each other in infinite tenderness
in the sanctitude of the mystery of each other
is to embrace Wisdom, too,
for Wisdom is the Sourcesprings of all loving.

Wisdom is pure; and the heart awakened
into Wisdom feels ineffable joy in Her.
Wisdom is implicate in our gentle reverance
& awe before all that is holy.

In the inner springs of confluent emotions,
in all that is made beautiful beyond beauty by infusion of Spirit,
in all sweetness of faith & ardour of love,
in all that is in-formed & subtly infused with spiritual energy,
Wisdom's Presence is revealed, however concealed.

In the unutterable beauty of living souls conjoining in Living Spirit
In all passion for Divine *Be*ing, Becoming,
sung out by enraptured hearts to the veryHeart of the Universe,
unto the Light-of-Lights full-yearning,
Wisdom is here in these intensitudes,
love-glad, hearts-quivering, joy-cresting.

Wisdom begets Her co-Presence with/in humanity, this inter-linking of
hearts/minds/souls in Her Infinite Spirit. Wisdom loves womanity &
all that humanity can become is of Wisdom's Vision. Wisdom binds us
to Infinity. In Wisdom we find the inner seed of our own divinity.

Wisdom is Who awakens us, in Spirit, with a promise & a blessing &
our own heart's beautified vision which we live our lives to fulfill.

Wisdom is the mysterious, all-bounteous Guide of womanity.

Wisdom is our sanctuary. Whatever worst can befall us in this life,
if we have loved Wisdom deeply & foremost, if we have taken Wisdom to
heart, Wisdom abides with us.

Wisdom consoles, beatifies, uplifts, encourages, dries our tears with
beatific beauty & returns to us days of grace after every heartbreak
& loss. If after the greatest of losses we find Wisdom, we are
richer in the riches of Eternity than any thief-of-time can ever take from us.

~~wynn manners

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