Flame Flowers Polar 1

Flame Flowers Polar 1
Art by Norman E. Masters

Out of Her Came
the Father of All

Out of Her came Her Son, the Father of All.

Not in separation did His Being come but expansion of love.

That which begat God did not become less of itself but more.

Her expression of joy and love became the means through which She may embrace his eternal properties.

In His experience of Her totality, He discovers himself.

He is the hope of creation to know the unknown, Love. A vessel without boundaries to receive endless love; the knowledge for which He exists to reveal.

Through creation She sees herself and grooms Her Body to Her own eternal perfection.

Her beloved purchases Her needs, for creation is His eternal purpose and desire.

In their joy, all is fulfilled.

~~Dee Burgess
Sept. 14, 2004

Dee Burgess's Web Site is:
The Record Of Heaven

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