Heart Core

Heart Core
Art by Norman E. Masters

For in hym dwellith

 'For in hym dwellith bodilich al the fulnesse
of the Godhed'. wycliff translation 1388
At the heart of each of the ten thousand beings stands a door a door to within not ten thousand within's only one within- embedded. Immense wisdom and power shares our inmost bed encoded in our every cell ready to come when called. None of us is stranger to chaos never more than one step from dark abyss this single step- beat of hovering wing enfolds and unfolds between such folds are we folden. Folded and folded again- critical mass tongue of man, tongues of fire heart burns within, bread breaks I remember you, whom I do not know members we are, you and I members one of the other. Tongues of fire, parted yet one fall upon many forgotten oneness- remembered. Today: ten thousand small flames tomorrow: a conflagration. Neither do I enfold, nor unfold from the beginning, I am enfolded and unfolded that within me which is enfolded that of God, there from the beginning and always that it is, the unfolding of which is my blossoming my fullness is you. Wu, the unmanifest yu, the manifest wuyu, the unending dance between each gives over to the other, graciously- and the dance goes on.

Frank John Culley

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