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Art by Norman E. Masters

Mind Of Spirit

by Michael Tobin

THE BIRTH OF THE SOLAR-AGE is an event of a Cosmic nature. It marks the stage in the development of a planet when its process of evolution becomes conscious of itself. This is why the birth of the Solar-Age on Earth can only be described in terms of a New Genesis -- a New Beginning. All that has gone before over a period of thousands of millions of years has been only a preparation for this New Genesis. So it is on Earth. So it is on any other planet in distant solar systems where advanced living forms are able to evolve to the humanoid stage of material development.

The whole on-going event which is the developing Earth is a self-stimulating evolutionary process. At its core is a particular set of the three Primal Qualities -- Vitality/Intelligence/Will. And the evolution of the Earth-System to date is the story of the development of these innate Qualities. Up to now, terrestrial evolution has been concerned with the development of its embodied Quality of Vitality. And this process has been manifested in the evolution of the physical body of the Earth with all that this involves. In no way has this been a "blind process". For while the body of the Earth is a manifestation of the terrestrial Primal Quality of Vitality it at the same time possesses an Intelligence component peculiar to itself -- just as it also embodies a Will component.

To understand this more fully we need to take a closer look at the Primal Qualities themselves. And the easiest way to do this is to see the set of three Primal Qualities as they are manifested through our humanoid kind. For example, Vitality is expressed through the Body; Intelligence through the Mind; and Will through the Spirit. But each part of this Trinity embodies in itself an element of the other two. Thus the Body embodies its own particular (metabolic) form of Intelligence and Will through which it regulates itself. In a similar way the Body of the Earth embodies a specific kind of Intelligence and Will which operates through the self-organizing dynamics of the terrestrial process. And it is the general field Intelligence embodied in the Basic Self of the Earth (that is, its Body) that has guided its evolution so far.

What is happening now within the Earth System is that the second of the three Primal Qualities embodied in the terrestrial process has begun to be developed. This is the Primal Quality of Intelligence. And this particular Quality is manifested in and through the emergence of a Solar-Age Culture. A Solar-Age Culture marks the point in the development of a planet when the embodied Intelligence Primal Quality begins a most rapid phase of development. This is only possible when the basic Vitality Quality as expressed through the body of the planet has arrived at a very high level of maturity. Then and only then is it possible for the Primal Quality of Intelligence to begin to really manifest itself. It is at this point in a planet's development that its process of evolution begins to accelerate. It is as if all its own anchors were suddenly cut away, and like a ship just launched, it becomes free to develop at a pace and in a way that will allow no comparison with anything that has been part of its Past.

This is what is now beginning to happen on Planet Earth. The very first stirrings of Solar-Age Culture are just with us. An epochal over-leap in terrestrial evolution is in the making. From this point on nothing -- absolutely nothing, will be the same. The Road is wide open ahead of us. There is an enormous field of ecological niches waiting to be filled by our Solar-Age kind. We are entering an arena of experience and practical endeavour that is qualitatively beyond anything that has been part of the Earth's long past.

That is why we simply cannot be compared with political movements or religious movements that have been part of the long agonizing history of Patriarchal Society. There can be no comparison because not alone are social and ecological conditions very different but the very persons creating the Solar-Age are themselves very different beings from those who gave rise to the major political and religious movements of earlier times. Accordingly, we have no business trying to learn anything from those movements. To study how they developed would be a complete waste of time.

We need to experience ourselves as pioneers opening up a totally new frontier. Everything we do and involve ourselves in will feel very different from the experience of those who sought to bring into being a movement within Patriarchal Society. For we are not alone pioneers of a new kind, but we are also creators -- humanoids embodying in ourselves the divine capacities to create our own future within the framework of the Divine Design.

Because we experience ourselves and the wider world differently, so the Reality Matrix that we are creating will also be completely different from the one-dimensional Reality Model which is the conventional universe. Through our being and becoming Creative Spirit is expressing itself in a manner impossible beforehand in the history of the Earth. This is the phase in terrestrial evolution when material development reaches such a level of intricate refinement that any given Reality Matrix must of necessity be of a highly etherealized kind. The Body of the Earth has been nearly fully formed. Now, it is the turn of the terrestrial Mind to come to the fore. Accordingly, we are in for experiences that will involve far more of inner-space exploration than journeying to far-off places in interstellar space.

However, it would be a great mistake also to imagine that what Patriarchal Humankind has depicted as "Mind" has got anything to do with the Primal Quality of true Intelligence. For the intellectual approach which has been so much part of a pathological culture and a people embodying such a cleavage between thinking and feeling -- between Body and Mind -- is incapable of arriving at anything but a most warped view of mental process and the Quality of Intelligence.

So we need to experience what true Mind involves and what true Intelligence means. We have to discover that to experience true Mind is to share a dimension of Cosmic Reality with Spirit which is expressing itself through us. When our bodies are free --- when we as local bio-energetic charges pulsate in rhythm with the fierce-flowing currents of the wider Cosmos -- then we share a Cosmic experience with Spirit on the bio-energetic level. It is similarly the case with Mind. For when we enter the Cosmic arena of true Mind we likewise share a mental Reality with Spirit in a way that no patriarchal person can ever hope to know. All this forms an essential part of the Solar-Age experience. We and only we Solar-Age Pathfinders can be the developers of the Solar-Age Reality Matrix. It is a Reality which only beings of our kind can enter -- a Reality-Matrix which is part of the Mind of Spirit itself.

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In the Heart of the Cosmos Burns the Creative Flame.
The Astral Ancients called it: --

*** STAR-FIRE ***

March 1986     No. 6

published by Solar-Age Pathfinders
Claggan House, Dunmore, Carrigart, County Donegal, Ireland

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