Rainbow Angel 4

Rainbow Angel 4
Art by Norman E. Masters

Like a dancing angel, within...

The secrets of the Great Mother are both simple and profound.

Her Holy Spirit is implicate as each soul's Light*Seed -- & this Light*Seed of each *is* the Gateway to the Continuum of Consciousness which lurks behind all masks of multiplicity. This is Sophia, the Divine Wisdom, Essence of Spirit -- & all the Light*Seeds across the multiverses, together, form Her Spiritual Body.

This reality is ever-present, veiled by our egoic sense of terrestrial & temporal identity; we have only to cease to be hypnotized by our self-imposed limitations, for it to become apparent that we *are* this Reality, always have been, and always will be.

The terrestrial vehicle is a mask, an incarnation of a consciousness which is, at core, limitless, the veils of which dissolve to stretch beyond the terrestrial, & of which the terrestrial is a limited expression.

Our larger reality is multi-dimensional... & night*tide dreaming provides intimations of this. Realization has always been that near, but never fully recognized. Dreams are intimations of alternate dimensions where our own lives are developing differently.

The only thing keeping us from the full liberation is the illusion that we are not free.

The illusion of separateness blocks the receptivity to the full range of interconnectivity, this mesh of synthesis, this Indra's Net we are all components of, as hallowed holograms of the All.

Individuality is not absolute and soverign; those concepts are products of the egoic illusion of separateness, itself.

The approach of the Beyond is imaged in a myriad of disguises... angel & daimon, aliens & fairies... It is all a flickering of a wider awareness as the Beyond bursts thru, momentarily. A sudden shift in perception or perspective, a swift change of vantage point and what was until then but dormant as a foreshadowing disintegrates the egoic sense of isolation, paving the way for reintegration into the unveiled, cosmic awareness. This fertilizes a durable link between the terrestrial mind & those wider, deeper ranges of hitherto unknow dimensions of consciousness which nourish it.

Those who are making "alien" contacts are trafficking with wider and deeper ranges of consciousness. They have no conceptual framework to be translating their experiences *into* except the "alien" -- for these experiencings *are* alien to all they have hitherto been accustomed to, the consensus illusion of reality they have been raised with.

When one comes into communion with one's deeper, more fundamental identity, there are more than just glimmerings of an expanded awareness -- in this expansion into Her Spirit. Like a dancing angel, within, She is the reformulation of one's very consciousness, cross-currents weaving a different understanding, a paradigmatic shift. Consciousness seethes thru a perpetual shifting of formations, morphing thru endless metamorphosis.

~~ wynn manners
~~from *Rose of Eternal Creation*

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