Flame Jewel Of The Heart

Flame Jewel Of The Heart
art by Norman E. Masters

Gnostic Transitions


1.) Spirit Of Oneness
by SharOn Alder

"Oh Essence of All That Is, the Totality of your Being
Can only be experienced in this Realm of Oneness"

2.) Love Divine Wisdom,
breathe each holy breath
by Myke Zagreus

"I am Folly and I become Wisdom.
This is the sacred journey."

3.) Song of the First Mother
by SharOn Alder

"Within All Creation is Her Ain Soph.........
Within All Creation is Her Song........."

4.) Opening To Union
by Myke Zagreus

"Salvation is but a recovery of lost light.
Ignorance is slavery. Knowledge is freedom."

5.) On Spiritual Evolution
by Sri Aurobindo

"But this Godhead here, whether within us or outside us in things
and forces and creatures, started from an involution in inconscient
Nature and began by the manifestation of its apparent opposites."

6.) Song of the Ancient
by SharOn Alder

"Into Crystal FireLight Encodings
Remembrance of the Essence of Oneness"

7.) Personal Wisdom
by Myke Zagreus

"So, Wisdom, then, is a search for soul; and the
experiential vessel, that is called body, is its vehicle."

8.) Helping God
by George Bernard Shaw

"To me God does not yet exist; but there is a creative force constantly
struggling to evolve an executive organ of godlike knowledge and power"

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