Numinosity 11

Numinosity 11
Art by Norman E. Masters

A Whisper of the Future...

Is it only by chance that we stumble upon a whisper of the future wisping into the mind of *now*?

Quiver of allurement... Intimations of the way to immortality... & bliss that is boundless.

There are parallel realities vibrating at different energy levels, only a veil of transition between. Parallel realities cross-over into our dreams. Sometimes what is real there is simply not *yet* real here. Sometimes these realities interfuse, in our minds -- & we bring parts of those other realities into being in our consciousnesses here.

We walk in this paradox & *with* this paradox of cross-dimensional realities interfusing thru our own awarenesses.

The gods & goddesses in parallel realities are often *not* the deities of this one; their only power is in the minds that cross-over.

We are the birthstock of goddesses & gods. Our own divinity is seeded in our consciousness. God/dess *lives* within the inside of us -- & this seed of He/r is the ForeverSeed, the light*spark that passes from body to body, thru changing mind-matrixes informing each physical body. Wholly freed of flesh, this light*spark can grow a matrix that is a Light*Body... can mesh with other light*sparks to form an interfusing Light*Body of dancing creative dynamism.

~~ wynn manners

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