Yoni Light 2

Yoni Light 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Last Knot

The flower of your heart opens to me,
revealing its center... & i feel
i am entering the holy of you...

in the secret chambers of your being
the deepest secret of your soul
is revealed to me, & i kneel
in reverence, in the mystery of you

in the dance we do together
your body has become the dance called Secret
& the subtle opening of the petals
of your soul in fragrance like
the mystic rose, draw the responsiveness
of my own senses inwards into you...

your essence of being
is a radiating light
& your bright aura encompasses me!

in this beatitude --
sacramentally deep into the shrine
of your soul, waves of light's delight
wash over me, jizm me all-thru

all that's in between us dissolves

i remove the final veil
to drink of your Secret
moist & warm
unravelling the last knot
of the cosmic mystery
to see that the light & the darkness are one
the greatness & the smallness are one
& each of us is a way
in which the cosmos
is orgasming into life!

~~wynn manners

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