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Vestibule -- Introduction to *COSMIC WIND* and *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*

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       Norman Masters -- Poetry

         1)  dream revelation
         2)  morningdew & you
         3)  tears
         4)  my hope
         5)  i see dawn
         6)  gracing us, are our days
         7)  the pattern of these days extend
         8)  A Vision of Man
         9)  In Celebration of Poetry
        10)  from Some Morning Sunrise
        11)  the wine of peace
        12)  o Light from the Heart of Infinity
        13)  Peter Pan, Dying...
        14)  *dust dreaming stars, again*
        15)  precious you are
        16)  butterflies and angels
        17)  like a gift...
        18)  still... still... still...
        19)  Burning, transmutation
        20)  Brother Bird, Ascending
        21)  The Dawnsinger
        22)  seedhearts & starshine
        23)  moondipping
        24)  nell poem
        25)  sunset serenade
        26)  i live, i love
        27)  wyve weave
        28)  upon love's nest of sweet delight
        29)  who will write...
        30)  breath texts
        31)  dead butterfly poem
        32)  this night
        33)  your love
        34)  two carnations
        35)  when time was young
        36)  Samson

       Linda Masters -- Musings & Poetry

         1)  Words To Live By
         2)  Rainbow Man
         3)  Take My Hand
         4)  Morning Is Come
         5)  Morning Was A Prelude
         6)  In The Sunrise Of Our Spirits
         7)  Snowflakes and Tears
         8)  Faces From Memory
         9)  How Do I Know I Love You?
        10)  To Be Born A Star
        11)  Being A Mother
        12)  Blending
        13)  The Color of My Love
        14)  The Mistress

       Peter K. Ligeski -- Poetry & Letters

         1)  Introduction by nem & *Touchstones Of Universal Love*
         2)  With A Heartbeat Each Was Born
         3)  Dear Goddess (three Goddess poems)
         4)  Petals Of Memories
         5)  We Leave So Many Footprints
         6)  The Brilliant Chaos
         7)  Poems To Angel
         8)  Fondling... Praying... Planting... Blushing...
         9)  Between Heaven And Hell
        10)  Hood;)Winked!
        11)  Great Goddess Of All Creation
        12)  Dearest Stranger
        13)  Seed Pods, My Letters
        14)  A Pint Of Poetry, A Vase Of Laughter
        15)  Flowers With Stardust
        16)  Recognize The Magic
        17)  The Magic Is Real
        18)  Friends
        19)  For The Love Of The Universe, Rainbow Of Hope
        20)  Alien Memories
        21)  Doorways To Possibilities
        22)  Create Hope
        23)  Timeriders
        24)  Creator Of So Many Memories
        25)  I've Gone Wildflowers
        26)  The Enchanter Meets His Enchantress
        27)  Daughter Of The Goddess
        28)  Caress
        29)  Whispering Voices
        30)  Cold Shoulder
        31)  Sail Higher Than A Snail

       Zen Oleary -- Contemplative & Ecstatic Poetry

         1)  Words
         2)  Words, Not Words
         3)  Ticket Stubs
         4)  Memories Revived, 1975
         5)  Of Silence & Wiggles
         6)  Branches & Waterfalls
         7)  Day Feast
         8)  Glades Riding
         9)  Barbarians At The Gate
        10)  Dangerous Words
        11)  Chaos
        12)  Telling You
        13)  Dream Seals
        14)  Marginal Saints
        15)  Silence
        16)  Listening
        17)  Florida Storms & Hurricanes
        18)  Let Me This Morning

       Irene Dodge -- Poetry & Prose

         1)  Time Enough
         2)  Witch Song
         3)  Dirge
         4)  To Winter Stars
         5)  Spin-Off
         6)  For Bryan
         7)  To Past Generations
         8)  Moods
         9)  Lost Valentine
        10)  Absence In August
        11)  Reincarnation
        12)  Killdeer
        13)  Whistle
        14)  The Trap
        15)  The Mountain Stays
        16)  Celtic Witch
        17)  Straw Into Gold
        18)  To Wild Fennel
        19)  Words
        20)  Hunger
        21)  Circle
        22)  Inversion
        23)  October's Wind
        24)  High Country Fog
        25)  December River
        26)  Paper Snowflakes
        27)  Cross Roads
        28)  Christmas Night
        29)  December 31, Idaho
        30)  Night Of Epiphany
        31)  Preconception
        32)  The Writing Life
        33)  Goodnight, Irene, by nem
        34)  Autobiographical Sketch

       Steve Krantz -- Poetry

         1)  My Writing... & introduction by nem
         2)  We are blind...
         3)  Love Poem To *You*
         4)  Come Sit With Me
         5)  From The Center of My Guts
         6)  It comes easy, it comes hard
         7)  All Those Lost Sunrises by nem
         8)  Our Dream
         9)  Butterfly Dawn by nem
        10)  Through It We...
        11)  The sermon ended
        12)  A Man Will Come
        13)  I wish...
        14)  Be gentle
        15)  Hey star!
        16)  The hours lend themselves
        17)  My kingdom, which is me
        18)  Seasons are perhaps like
        19)  Freedom
        20)  The War Comes Home
        21)  Soon there'll be snow to cool the hurt
        22)  In the snow white silences by nem
        23)  Like a melody lost, we are again
        24)  The Magick Maker by nem

       Morris Reynolds -- Poetry

         1)  Isness
         2)  Starting Over
         3)  Mindscape
         4)  Tao
         5)  But What Are People For
         6)  Song Of The Moth
         7)  Night Chant
         8)  Tease
         9)  Symbolism
        10)  Paean
        11)  Serenity
        12)  Vespers
        13)  Autumn: Peace With The Earth
        14)  Karma
        15)  Resurrection
        16)  Snowfall
        17)  Presence
        18)  Barn Owl
        19)  Castle Keep
        20)  Friend
        21)  For The Road Ahead

       John Mach -- Poetry

         1)  Who Is Singing The Poem?
         2)  "I am the scribe of every bright word"
         3)  To Remember Is To Recall All Our Fragile Designs
         4)  Thou Art Beautiful, Thou Art Handsome
         5)  hunger is also a teacher
         6)  Woman Standing At The Bus Stop
         7)  Lao Tzu At The Gate
         8)  White Silence, Grey Skies
         9)  Poem The Color Of Birthday
        10)  Appreciation of a Photo of Thira, Greece
        11)  Eighty Degrees In The Shade
        12)  still life painting 30
        13)  from Advertisements For My Culture
        14)  Chart Your Desires, Beloved

       *FREEDOM VOICES* -- Anthology


         1)  To Love Or Not To Love -- Real Liberation For Womenkind   (essay) by Caroline Kuijper
         2)  i have been crazy all my life...                          (essay) by Bill Hamer
         3)  Moral Insanity And The Rise Of Big Brother                (essay) by Michael Tobin
         4)  What Kind Of Education Is Best For Maintaining Democracy? (essay) by Carol Seaton
         5)  Shamanism And Cultural Imperialism                        (essay) by Gaia
         6)  Poetry As Criteria For Truth                        (reflections) by Cathie Many Veils
         7)  Scattered Musings Upon Freedom                          (musings) by Norman E. Masters
         8)  Actual Presence                                     (short story) by Sarah Shannon
         9)  When Will We Ever Learn                                    (poem) by Sharon Pacione
        10)  Lessons of History, Lessons of Human Nature          (quotations) by Benazir Bhutto
        11)  The History of the American Pledge of Allegiance          (essay) by Dale Fisk
        12)  Creation Story ... A Satire                    (satirical sketch) by Cathie ManyVeils

       *RAINBOW VOICES* -- Anthology


         1)  Question Of Self                                          (essay) by Bill Hamer
         2)  Dare To Reach For The Dream           (2 poems) by Lelane McCarty  & Norman E. Masters
         3)  Ode To The Virginian & I AM WE                          (2 poems) by Jody Ludwig
         4)  Back To The Moon                                           (poem) by Eric Ashford
         5)  Gnostic Cat                                                (poem) by Darrell Grizzle
         6)  The Flea                                                   (poem) by Zen Oleary
         7)  Persephone To Hades                                        (poem) by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy
         8)  Life Song                                                  (poem) by Philinda Fox
         9)  Sometimes                                                  (poem) by Zen Oleary
        10)  Mining For Light                                           (poem) by Douglas E. Fireman
        11)  To A New Friend                                            (poem) by Nancy Lakey
        12)  Love's Pure Oven Of Us                                     (poem) by Eric Ashford
        13)  The Confectioner's Wife                                    (poem) by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy
        14)  It's Only A Poem                                           (poem) by Steve Toth
        15)  Ten Haiku                                                 (poems) by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy
        16)  Short & Whimsical                                         (poems) by Peter Ligeski
        17)  Florescent Flowers                                   (prose poem) by Marge Widman
        18)  Juicy Jubilations                                          (poem) by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy
        19)  Two Tongues                                                (poem) by Eric Ashford
        20)  Snow White Rain                                            (poem) by Eric Ashford
        21)  Sis                                                       (poems) by Zen Oleary
        22)  Binnie; The Beach                                   (short story) by Paul Powlesland
        23)  Sally                                               (short story) by Paul Powlesland
        24)  A Sunday In July, 1997                              (short story) by Paul Powlesland
        25)  Night                                               (short story) by Paul Powlesland
        26)  Things That Go Bump In The Night                           (poem) by Eric Ashford
        27)  The Spirit World                                        (article) by Fred McNary
        28)  Cleaning Spirits Out Of A House Or Building             (article) by Fred McNary
        29)  Circles                                                 (article) by Fred McNary
        30)  Reason To Live                                             (poem) by Steve Toth
        31)  Cosmic Dance                                               (poem) by Linda Seekins
        32)  The Wind From Space                                  (prose poem) by James Davis
        33)  Many Blessings                                             (poem) by Harvey Green
        34)  Names With Moonlight Meanings                              (poem) by Harvey Green
        35)  Thirteen Haiku                                           (poetry) by Ethel Gossard
        36)  Nine Haiku                                               (poetry) by Sharon Pacione

       *IMAGINATIVE WORLDS* -- Contemporary SF/Fantasy Anthology

         Contents Page

         1)  Aphrodite, Bathing                   by Norman E. Masters
         2)  The Mirror Of Time                   by Norman E. Masters
         3)  The Harp Of Eternity                 by Norman E. Masters
         4)  Ghost Lover                          by Linda & Norman E. Masters
         5)  Prologemma to Dreamer's Worlds       by Norman E. Masters
         6)  Strange Awakenings                   by Norman E. Masters
         7)  Dream Memories Of Shalath Lalal      by Norman E. Masters
         8)  Dream Library Of The Ages            by Norman E. Masters

       *PHANTASMAGORIA* -- Classic SF/Fantasy FANthology from the 60's & 70's

         Introductory & Contents

         1)  The Golden Pears, The Crystal Wall    by Paul Powlesland
         2)  A Bag Of Peanuts                      by Paul Powlesland
         3)  Just A Song At Twilight               by Paul Powlesland
         4)  Or A Still, Still Day                 by Charles Pearson
         5)  Limit, One To A Customer              by Charles Pearson
         6)  Dusts Of Death                        by Earl Pearson
         7)  The Black Chalice                     by E. Schriebt
                                                     (Earl Pearson)
         8)  Anything Goes                         by Janet Fox
         9)  O Time In Thy Flight                  by Janet Fox
        10)  Lake Of Dream                         by Edmond Romann'
                                                     (Norman E. Masters)
        11)  Darkness And Silence                  by Norman E. Masters
        12)  Portal To Dreamer's Worlds            by Norman E. Masters
        13)  The House, The Lawn                   by Paul Powlesland
        14)  September Weather                     by Paul Powlesland
        15)  The Kids                              by Paul Powlesland

       BACK*WORDS IN TIME ~~ Anthology intended to present something from each year of NEM's writing life.


         1999)  Crowning The Glory, Glorying In The Crowns                              (humor)
         1998)  Contemplating Each Other's Navel                                        (humor)
         1996)  Love Is The Mother Of All                                       (contemplation)

       Forgotten and Neglected Literary CLASSICS

         Contents Page

         1)  Fourteen Poems from FLAME AND SHADOW                             by Sara Teasdale
         2)  Eighteen Poems (mostly) from WITH THE WATER                      by Thomas Fitzsimmons


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