Prayer of the Infinite Heart

Prayer of the Infinite Heart
Art by Norman E. Masters

The time to sleep is now and past

The time to sleep is now and past
I sit in my corner with words
to play with
food and drink

it won't come but burns

a few more lines

Work passes
pressure in my head hunger of seeing
Writing alone to my time to the
inside of it all

a love waits for me, close, softness
sweetness the beauty overcomes
the moment is

I am not to touch but to write

I can touch you again
Even now
Only one hand holds the pen

      All though the whole
life Falls  with in  IT
    NO ONE is really saved
    Even sees IT

Soon there'll be snow
to cool the hurt
I've never really finished that poem
that thing that will make it right
the belief in tomorrow
the falling onto and into,
mailing letters

the thing that counts
is caring

smallness of mind
is no eraser

all meant something
at least to

I heard
the trees heard
they'll tell me about it
the rest of my life

Tall is dying you said
Tall is letting go so in time
to make a new life
out of the old


the word boggles
the word tears apart the page
you want to know???
you have to know!

it won't can't

What are you doing now?
I mean right now
not when you're reading this
Oct 9 nineteen hundred 70

about in the walls of this
my Radio whispers to me
not the way you used to
      my Radio
            less mechanical

you weren't perfect you know
     even to my love
I said I don't care and felt
  how imperfect I was too

    light shining on you

Now thatitisover
my heart chooses
the kind of wall to build
(its new construction)

   A glass
   wall might work
   so all can see
   none get close enough
                 to hurt

  A stone wall
     like yours
  that is chipped away only slowly
           ending dully and killing

Two walls stood together
forever  sharing the same sun
bearing the cold ice of winter
(life together)
Some day one crumbled
Rocks on the ground
without it really seemed
to the wall
it wasn't the same
the Rock spilled on the ground
spelled love

You  my friend
  are just a piece of
left  over  love
  hardly worth noticing
less even than to death

~~ Steven Krantz

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