Eyes Of The Soul II

Eyes Of The Soul II
Art by Norman E. Masters

breath texts

i dreamed infinities behind closed eyelids

world of streaming shadows veiled eyes... dream-folds shade the lamp of love

your bright-eyes
chase rainbows
over my heart

heart's need and pain's ambiguity * * *

crystal dew pain's tears you

night's tears, transformed to shining beads of day...

touch & be grateful for the teardrop & the smile

warm sunlight breath of roses soul's delight heart takes flight




dancing in the Light revelling in brightness shining radiant joy abounding

joy-life YES-sings time's blessings

psalm of silence two folded hands

Buddha's most important message : flower silence

to eternity add one butterfly

        sitting under the campertop
    watching the sawdust
dance to the raindrops

a tapestry woven between earth & sky: the rain

brief gladnesses pass like the strains of a yearning melody

soul's music child's heart rainbow dreams

in the sunset of our longing what dreams play in the mind's secret shadows?

the loving-wise plant good seeds today to flower tomorrow for the childrens' sakes...



                  love's bliss

no one can ever wipe out recurrencies' shout of wonder before the miraculous

frost filigree time's traceries crystal tapestry

snowfall... field of flow-white waves crossing the edge of night lone bird in flight

flowers of breath in the chill winter air birds of snow feed upon them

the days run together like shadows into darkness like sleep into dream

mist on the moon all the dreams of earth... rising...

all the dreaming distances between this now & when again?

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

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