Rainbow Sine



1.) Question of Self
by Bill Hamer

"Does mental maturity mean one has found their Self in a sum of the
many selves that they are party to, or is there one 'God Given'
Self in a sea of pseudo selves occupying the same physical body?"

2.) Dare To Reach For The Dream
by Lelane McCarty & Norman E. Masters

"It is of dreams which we sing
 Of dreams which we write"

"reach for a dream
 that has never been dreamed before"

3.) I AM WE
by Jody Ludwig

"The Eternal Child always swings,
 kicking feet high and pumping deep."
"I am the colors of every rainbow.
 I am the dew drops on petals..."
4.) Back To The Moon
by Eric Ashford

"Alice peers through my looking glass soul.
 She is dressed as Isis, naked and adorable..."
5.) Gnostic Cat
by Darrell Grizzle

"In my dream the cat was talking <...>
 said that, in a past life, he had written
 one of the Gnostic gospels--"
6.) The Flea
by Zen Oleary

"This flea was quoting Schopenhauer
 and to my astonished look..."
7.) Persephone To Hades
by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy

"I will stay black as liquidnight
 in the murky depths and wait for Hermes..."
8.) Life Song
by Philinda Fox

"Where would you be, Beloved,
 If all on earth should die?"
9.) Sometimes
by Zen Oleary

"Why do I sometimes
 feel like roadkill..."
10.) Mining For Light
by Douglas E. Fireman

"When your heart breaks...
 be supported by angel wings."
11.) To a new friend
by Nancy Lakey

"We touch new chords,
 bright chords
 never known..."
12.) Love's Pure Oven Of Us
by Eric Ashford

"...words from an infinite sutra
 of God almighty gabble gossip..."
13.) The Confectioner's Wife
by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy

"she is the confectioner's wife...
 ...she prances naked in his kitchen..."
14.) It's Only A Poem
by Steve Toth

"Words are like anti-matter canceling out
 whatever is the matter with you
 You can deny that you've read them
 but the words know better"
15.) Ten Haiku
by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy

"stripping the secrets
 from the spunweb luxury
 finding sympassions"
16.) Short & Whimsical
by Peter Ligeski

"Have you heard them yet?
 Girls speakingwith soft kisses?
 Among the flowers"
17.) Florescent Flowers
by Marge Widman

"So I am everything, to say
 nothing of what I'm not."
18.) Juicy Jubilations
by Mychael "Zagreus" Alchemy

"the lastpassenger of your body,
 you go and write all of these words"
19.) Two Tongues
by Eric Ashford

"Love has two tongues.
 One makes a river of you.
 One a still pool."
20.) Snow White Rain
by Eric Ashford

"Some mornings I have to put on a face
 and go find a place to be undressed again
 and debug this self on some holy ground."
21.) Sis
by Zen Oleary

"you're cutting holes
 you know

 in the fabric
 of the sky."

22.) Binnie; The Beach
by Paul Powlesland

"Animal eyes peered out from the booth.  A wrinkled hand 
scurried away with the bill and back with the tickets."

23.) Sally
by Paul Powlesland

"'...you don't have to be afraid to look at other girls undressing. 
Look at me, Sally,' she said quietly."

24.) A Sunday In July, 1997
by Paul Powlesland

"'I have a feelin it's goin to be a strange afternoon.'"
Robin did not blink for so long that it almost frightened her.
She looked away."

25.) Night
by Paul Powlesland

"The stars about the silver moon
 Fade back and vanish very soon"

26.) Things That
Go Bump In The Night

by Eric Ashford

"I am not afraid of ghosts.
 I call them in and call them out
 and bump with them through the night."

27.) The Spirit World
by Fred McNary

"Over several years, I have made contact with what can only be called spirits.  To
venture into this world requires courage. You never know what you will encounter."

28.) Cleaning Spirits Out
Of A House Or Building

by Fred McNary

"Some of the energy of an entity comes from the fear that
humans have of that spirit. If you can fully control your fear,
and not give in to the human urge to get away from it, you
have a far better chance to control it, and so drive it away."

29.) Circles
by Fred McNary

"Circles have been used for many thousands of years, with varying degrees
of effectiveness. In the records of those that used magical circles, it is
widely held that circles aligned with magnetic North seem to be more effective."

30.) Reason To Live
by Steve Toth

"Some say the cost of living is your life
 Others say life is free
 Remember how free you were once?"

31.) Cosmic Dance
by Linda Seekins

"Hail, hail, Lord of the Dance!
 I am Ariadne and Queen Isis
 I am Maid Marian and Parvati
 I am your beloved in every name"

32.) Space Wind
by James Davis

"There are old memories in the wind, older than stars,
and songs of ancient times and songs not yet born."

33.) Many Blessings
by Harvey Green

"to visit dreams
 and remember who you are,
 to enter the soul of another
 and find you are one"

34.) names with moonlight meanings
by Harvey Green

"names with moonlight meanings still
 hang on like ghosts from the past"

35.) 13 Haiku
by Ethel Gossard

"Winter silent pines bend low
 small snow avalanches slide
 needles breathe free"

36.) 9 Haiku
by Sharon Pacione

 walks another trail of tears
 addicted to self"

To Cosmic Wind Question of Self