Felinna, Queen Of The Jungle

Photo by Gamaliel Masters

Ticket Stubs

Today I revisit the
museum between my ears,
reread ticket stubs
from trains that snaked
down the bones of the Alps,

I look at photos taken while
backpacking on wild roads
and sleeping on the decks
of ferries night crossing
Adriatic swells from
Corinth to Brindisi,

I remember people well loved
who wallpapered my life with
sweet words and fluted sounds,
I remember the touch of others
with whom I built shelters
for the night or the week,

they are all memories now
these twirling ghost-bodies
at the edges of vision,
all the spent passions which
skewered my life back then
have sloughed off like dead cells,
dandruff on the skin of time,

I'm re-learning my life in the now,
in this overflowing torrent
of saffron clouds at dawn,
of words whispered in my ear from
lips dusk tinged with honey,
in the touch of outstretched hands
whose contours I have yet to explore,
in the agate pools of a cat's eyes,
in the tracery of dragonflies,
in this brash cricket hummed morning
that explodes in delight and wonder.

 Zen Oleary
May 17, 2003

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