Flowering White

Flowering White
Photo by Harvey Green

Many Blessings

by Harvey Green

  Oh to step above the room of time
and visit the world of unending space
  to hear the harmonies
we reach out for,
  to be in the presence of light,
and feel the pureness of soul,
  to see the lily,
and be the lily,
  to see a bird,
and feel its wings,
  to see a cloud
and fall as rain,
  to be a feather
and float on the winds,
  to see the oceans
and evaporate in thin air,
  to be a fish
and explore the depths of the sea,
  to run
and not be tired,
  to visit dreams
and remember who you are,
  to enter the soul of another
and find you are one,
  to travel by thought
from one world to another
  to love
and be lost in a world without end.

                      Many Blessings

[Intended for publication in original *Rainbow Voices* anthology,
Dawn Vision Press 1996, page 9]

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