Heart Flower Stretch

Heart Flower Stretch
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Color of My Love

Color my Love
    a tinted tapestry
    passionately brilliant
    heart centered
    climatically charged
    fine sparkles-sprinkle, twinkle

Color my Love
    in hues of energy
    vibrant core, rainbow aura
    contented subtle tinges
    disturbingly faced flickerings
    wait to spark anew

Color my Love
    the tones of emotion
    exuberant expressions blossom
    contemplative silence resolves
    hesitant change seeks wisdom

Color my Love
    an array of moods
    changeable as the sea
    fragile like butterfly wings
    delicate as babies' breath

Color my Love
    intensely fortified
    strongly commited
    generously helpful
    patiently caring

Color my Love

~~Valentine's Day poem to Norman, 2006

~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

Linda, July 1981 [To Cosmic Wind Main Page]