Sunshine At Sunset

Sunshine At Sunset

Faces From Memory

The wind picks up
& cools my hot body.

An eerie howl
echoes thru
the doorway of
my memories...

so lonely
looking for himself
in the wind
that rushes past
on the bike

around the next bend...



To Him

Touched today with a sadness.
A visitor came,
brought nothing
& departed.

where once
there were fulfillments
to a dream.

where once friendship dwelled.

Teardrops fell
all around
in the form of rain...
the sky, itself,
was weeping my pain.

He walked away
never knowing
my love will always remain
no matter how far
away he was today.

came to me today,
touched my heart...

Then went away.

The Little Girl

The Little Girl

On the way home the little girl asked
"Why did Mommy have to leave again?"

Her question will come again.

She dreams, perhaps, of a party
Where Mommy doesn't leave...



A young boy brings flowers
  ...just a few
  ...saved from the machine of man
       to adorn our table
       & remind me of his love

He whispers it softly
       almost as silently
       as petalled silence itself


           and you can hear

Love come tickling at your ear!

A young boy

A young boy

~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

~~reWorkings from Linda's Journals circa 1976 - 1978

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