Star Of Hope

Star Of Hope
Art by Norman Masters

to be born a star

Though I know not everything
still... many things I understand,

like the rhythms of creation,
the natural music of the seasons
or light & darkness -- born of each other

I know our bodies are our garden
and that our wills are our gardeners

I know that when I stare into memory,
journeying back into time,
past & present & future
swirl kaleidoscopically in my mind

I know that each of us is born a star
riding the tides of time
dancing across our shared sky
ordained to these moments
that are given us like grace,
reminding us, this time, this place,
to take joy in existence
& remain grateful
                  for the simple miracle
of just being
              & seeing
-- free into living & loving

& life becomes
as sweet as heart to heart
bidding us speak kindly
whenever we meet & part
(for part we always must...)

Death's departure
is only a journey & a change...

Thru a deep dazzling darkness
we pass beyond time
to the other side of time
becoming that self
beyond the self we know
entering inner dimensions of Light
where our deepest vision reveals
each will someday go be born a star...


~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

Star Of Hope

Linda, May 1980 [To Cosmic Wind Main Page]