in the snow-white silences,
how we have bled

in the snow-white silences
how we have bled
upon our crosses of lost despair
awaiting returns from the realms of the dead
before life's last dreams have darkly fled

& the nighttide flowered a billion stars
& with child-like wonder we reached for their light
dreaming to where the brightest shine far
beyond the realms of our water-wet sight

& snowflakes fell thru the crisp winter night

we waited for our spring of radiant dawns
to come with the sunrise, beckoning us on
towards every sunset's open door
shining, alluring us on to explore

beyond the shores of the starlit night
to seek the secrets of the infinite heights
opening (o opening) our wondering eyes
dazzling our senses beyond surprise
til we ride the deepening nighttide skies
flickering between the firefly stars
                                     travelling far

now deep in the ebon grove of night
we sing our songs of soul's delight
& clasp the universe in our arms
marvelling before the infinite forms
awakening to an undreamed immensity
perceiving with a refined intensity
tapping the untapped energies within
weaving the magick that begins again

~~written circa 1979 ~~from "Dream Motes & Lotus Petal Notes" ~~DAWN*WINGS 1986

~~ norman e. masters

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