Flower Globe

Flower Globe
Art by Norman E. Masters
from a Photo by Harvey Green


by Steve Toth

We aren't here to go half hearted
through the motions of living
Playing dead is no way
to go through life
Some say life is but a dream
Others say sleep
is where the dreams are
Some birds elevate
by flapping their wings harder
but the highest flyers
are the ones who know
how to ride the updrafts

Someone once told me
that courage isn't so much
not having any fear as having
something more important to do
than being afraid
An actor knows it's just a play
An athlete knows it's just a game
but that doesn't stop them
from getting into the flow
& giving their best performance

Some people say take pride in your work
Others say pride goes before a fall
Some say the cost of living is your life
Others say life is free
Remember how free you were once?
Everybody needs a reason to live
something to keep them going
when everything else says stop trying
How many reasons can you come up with?
I have this poem to finish
& this is how it ends

(c) June 2, 2004 by Steve Toth

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