Aphrodite, Bathing
by Norman E. Masters

"Aphrodite... loves to bathe in dreams!
She finds it far more refreshing than bathing in water."

The Mirror of Time
by Norman E. Masters

"I saw a... wave of... energy... shimmering...
radiating out from where the third eye would be..."

The Harp of Eternity
by Norman E. Masters

"My mind is a harp of time... but my soul
is a silver string upon the Harp of Eternity..."

Ghost Lover
by Linda & Norman E. Masters

"The ghost in her bed had been making love to her for
delirious hours and she had mistaken it for a dream...."

Prologemma to Dreamer's Worlds
by Norman E. Masters

"Face out of Nightmare -- from the other side of the Black Veil
Midnight reveals itself (& revels in the revelation)..."

Strange Awakenings
by Norman E. Masters

"I felt... as if I were a representative for the whole of humankind
and that the entire purpose of life... was about to be revealed to me..."

Dream Memories Of Shalath Lalal
by Norman E. Masters

"Nearby was Lot's wife, the one who got turned into a pillar of salt.
Some of her left leg and half of her left breast were missing...
'Pippit keeps licking her,' confided Amorette.
'Dragons need a bit of salt, you know...'

Dream Library Of The Ages
by Norman E. Masters

"...dreams were stored... at every conceivable angle and intricate
curvilinear formation... There was a very disturbing and
disorienting *alien* feel to some of those angles and shimmerings..."

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