Valentine 2004

Valentine 2004
Art by Norman E. Masters

Your Love

Your love, beloved,
is like rosepetals embracing me...

When i come to the heart of the rose of your love
such a delicate beauty, enfolding me...

Your love is a shrine of glory, haloing me,
as tender as lovely...

Your eyes are alit with joy
your lips curve with an enigmatic smile
your laughter will become the rich
music of our passionate delight
taking us to the heights of ecstasy
as i revel in your depths opened to me
promising the fullsomeness of such sweet release
in the infinite raptures of your loving

From the shrine of your heart
a secret wisdom shines... mystic & sublime...

What words can speak of the sum of our love?
We *come* -- with each other, enfleshing
the ideal into the fleshmeshing of the real,
the divine into undulant time, dancing
this numinousity into the chalice of our rapturing

How can i but glory! glory! glory!
among the rosepetals of your loving?


              ~~by Norman E. Masters

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