Angel Of The Whoosh

Angel Of The Whoosh
Art by Norman E. Masters


Goodness and giving
Tempered by gentle astuteness,
Gentility, it is true;
Amazed by joy,
Our hidden happiness exposed to
Your wild wisdom seeking;
What you have not found is here,
Is there.
Blessings abound for those who care;
The art of caring is not lost in you,
In us.  Our lives are yours,
Newly discovered as you have seen
Our private pain, our secret needs
And loving, laughed.  O holy merriment!
I have no scrip with which to settle
Such debt; the doubts are settled.  I laugh
With you, and if you weep,
I weep.  In afternoon's clear light
Honey and ivory this gift:
You are the gift! and
I am humbled.

Utah 1983
M. Reynolds

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