Peacock Weave

Art by Norman E. Masters

The Magick Is Real

   a poetic dialog between Jaynell Masters & Peter K. Ligeski

Climbing HIGH in the trees of hopes and dreams
           Ever so high  do the dreams search
       for the answers are trying ever so hard to be
                  sturdy so...                        k
                              branches...        br
                                         don't     ea
                  like the mirror that shatters from
                         the past of despair, and
  hopes and dreams are fully aware of those
                              cliffs and erosion
                     a   e            
       the trees  s    k    with the knowledge
                   h                  of trees/of
                branches  b r ea   ing like a
                                      heart breaking
  from the weight  of hurt and loss of importance...
         What can I say or do, except dream and mostly
                                    hope? Or continue to
  climb  the tree  searching  with anxiety?
               I have no choice but, I must
                   accept the d
                              n  right truth t
       face it and live up to it,
                         Yes, I acknowledge the hurt
                                 and the pain
                                       that shall
                                remain and
                  remember... the growth of the bud...
                           how it blossomed... ever so-
beautiful with such grace and pulchritude and a special
                               personality that is unlike
      anyone else's, and
                          that special individuality of two in
  the light of that glorious view that attracts the
                     heart of emotion, that enjoys the
                                                   person in
          the inside that has so much sensitivity and is
                       beautiful in the inside and outside of
           his/her heart...A true feeling of joy,love,and
     These stay in the air ...even when the wind is mellow.
The high trees catch glimpses of the continuous 
                                     jubilance that ha
                                                       ngs in the
      air ... the air that d
                      continuously   to breathe in the joys
                                                     the dreams
                                                    that all
                       seek to blossom with a gentle ....
                                               **Jaynell Masters
                                                  Feb. 1986

Light Wing Yantra, art by Norman E. Masters


Another day dreams.
           Still I wonder.
   It comes.
   The yawn, the great Inter-Galactic yawn!
   The Gods & Goddesses awaken.
   Boys and Girls each of them.
touching my thoughts
-- no way are they going to fool me again! :)

                                        Peter K. Ligeski

Light Wing Yantra, art by Norman E. Masters

          This dramatic change of time
          It was hypnotic
          A complete sheer surprise
          Caught fully breathless
          My eyes opened doors of dreams
          At eery door finding beauty
          Scaled precious rainbows
          Careless, tickling whispers
          Caressing, warm waters
          I was raptured,
          Once again it all touched my heart,
          And nourished my soul.

Light Wing Yantra, art by Norman E. Masters

                                                    May 04, 1991
                                 A part of me wants out
                                 To see what life's about
                                 Yet parts of me have doubt
                                 All my dreams have been tossed
                                 Most of the time I'm lost
                                 Seen what love & life costs
                                 Life isn't always fair
                                 The fears and pains we share
                                 Feeling trapped in despair
                                 Always be in lost lines
                                 Hopes and failures combined
                                 It all stopped me in time

Light Wing Yantra, art by Norman E. Masters

         Feathers of iridescent auras
         Notations across time
                   Move my mind.
         I dipped into my tears,
               and awoke squeaky clean
                  from my dream.
         Wiped the mirrors of my soul.
         The Magick is Real
         Feather Light/Insight
         Precise abbreviations:
         The galaxies are footprints from one point of origin
         toward another.
         FeatherLight    Feather Insight.
         featherLight  feather insight
         guardians of the Day
         guardians of the night
         cherish the moons
         light the thoughts -- dream reality
         Pick up an acorn
                         Make a wish.
                         good morn.

--Peter Ligeski

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