Dark Sunrise 2

Dark Sunrise 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

when time was young

When time was young and I was young
I'd sing a song to stars;
and they'd fall down & fire my eyes
to where the winds and worlds were far
from seeing...

                   ...when I was young...

When I was young and she was young
I'd plant my seed below her hill
and they'd fall out and fill my eyes
with smiling pride and fatty joy
just:  seeing...

                   ...when I was young...

When they were young their time was young
I'd watch to see what stars they saw
til time trudged in & shot my eyes
& stars burned cold while I turned old
full seeing...

                   ...when I was young...

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pg. 35, TIMESCAPES ~~ Poetry by Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press 1985
~~written 1968]

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