Sunset Peace

Sunset Peace
Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

sunset serenade

the children romp in the water
loud at their play
red-winged blackbird is whistling...
serene, this day...
while i lay... listening... listening...
to all the kinds of music
the world about me sings

...the blackbird takes wing...

ripples of water reflect the light
glistening... glistening... a
  scintillant sight
to eyes that see with simple delight

the sun behind these clouds of night
paints the sky with strokes of light
& when that beauty reaches its height
i pause in awe at its majesty
as the realization comes to me
that light itself has profoundly played
           a sunset serenade

then... with a sense of inner hush...
           i watch it fade...

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[p. 14, LOVEJOY, Selected Poems of Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press 1986]

Surge Of Music Oval

Surge Of Music
Art by Norman E. Masters

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