Mom and Grandma

Norm's Mother, Zelma Masters
and her Mother, Dorothy Beitler

*Love Is The Mother of All*

From the Journal of Norman E. Masters

"If the child-we-were asked us today for the best we've
learned from living, what would we tell and what would we
discover in return?" --Richard Bach, via Linda

Corn Pile Baby Norman

The Child This One Was

Give fantasy full rein; love & love & love & love & love -- & Question deeply.

Be slow about jumping to conclusions. Haste only to rectify wrong.

Don't buy into any others' dreams as the best direction for your life.

Question all basic assumptions; test their truth thru experience; but be quick to learn from others' mistakes -- for you need not make them, too -- to learn from them.

Pain, too, is a teacher. Learn the best from it -- not the worst.

Time DOES heal; death can be an unperceived mercy -- setting free...

A good book is a Friend who is always there -- who may be returned to again & again & again.

New Views entice & excite, expand & expound... Sound them out -- take them in...

Don't try to sell your trip to others; don't buy into theirs -- it will only trip you down.

Don't "fall" in love; rise into it -- on wings of flight in uttermost delight unto the highest heights & still beyond & beyonder.

Stay young in wonder.

Your own ego will cause you your greatest pains...

High School Graduate

Norman E. Masters, 1960

It is the chains upon your heart's & soul's & mind's fullest freedom to grow. It is the enemy of the transfigurative change.

Respect others as you would be respected. Do to others as you want to be done to (unless they don't want it done to them!) Be ashamed of anything you've really done that you know is wrong -- & cease doing it -- but don't let others indoctrinate you into any false guilt/sin/shame -- where it isn't really wrong (would you mind it being done to YOU?) or where you haven't really done it. ("Original sin" is the con-game of deceivers & of the original sinners, themselves!)

    soft & softly & softer
    fuzzy-wuzzy nuzzle-do...
    gentle & gently & gentler too
    woo the beautiful-within
    to blossom forth

Young Norman Oval

Baby Norman

innocence tempered with experience's wisdom...
(for the gullible are prey to the preyers thereupon)

The Divine is All & ever & your innermost knowing/growing most sensitive becoming.

LOVE is the Mother of All, the radiance of divine beneficence.

You were conceived in Love, you were borne of the womb of Love, you suckled upon the breasts of Love, you are beLOVED & a child of Love. Love is your beginning, Love is your innermost essence, Love is your transformational growth, Love is your ending -- which is only a new beginning.

Mom at 20

Norman's Mother, age 20

Your imagination is your ultimate emancipation from the bonds of tradition. Respect tradition; it is your roots; but don't be constrained by it.

Tradition is our grounding; imagination is our wings.

Life is discovery; learning is joy -- when it's what you want to learn. Don't let Them allure you away from those joys with all their "ought-to's".

Health is taken for granted -- until you don't have it; then you realize how essential it is to be at your optimum -- in doing & joying. Still -- you will (likely) take it for granted (until you can't!) -- but refrain from the follies that end health sooner. Regret won't bring it back. Nor will regret -- afterwards -- undo any unkind words.

Norman, June 12, 1965

June 12, 1965

Forethought can be wise. Censoring unto Silence (unkind thoughts) eliminates feeling vain regrets after-words...

Time is your Friend; Time is your Enemy... You can get-along-with-it any olde-Time -- but it passes faster the older you get.

In innocence is timelessness. Eternity smiles from the young child's lips. In youth we live forever; in age -- sundowns shadow the pages of our lives with dusky secrets playing hide-&-seek in the shadows of memory.

Your Home is the Mothering Universe. Your current address is this body, this life, planet Earth. Where your body cannot travel -- this life, your imagination can take you there.

Dreams are a Key to other dimensions of alternate possibility. Dreaming consciousness crosses the dimensional barriers into alternate realities.

Monitor your dreams. Dream further -- awake -- than in sleep.

You are one aspect of Infinite Possibility manifest into the finite. But the Seed of Infinity & Divinity is within you. Impossible as it may seem, no one else -- ever -- will be you & will have your dreams.

The Dreamer, Now...

The Dreamer, Now...
Photograph by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

Your dreams define you. Divine the dreams & you will be able to define the creative essence of the divine therethru.

The Divine dreams you; you dream the Divine. It's a sublime relationship!

Value each life, every touch, each day -- at play in the fields of divine energy.

You were never "created", (tho your body was procreated). You are a living energy field of Creativity, itself. So create! create! create! fecundate!

Journal your days like leaves from the tree of your life. There is much to be learned from your younger self therein (back-then) -- as from your elder-self NOW!

Silence is wiser than voicing ignorance.

Ego preens itself upon having "told them off!" & knows not it reeks like farts upon the broken wind.

A peaceful attitude sidesteps most conflict. An abrasive & judgmentally condemnatory attitude begets conflict.

Anger begets an inner hell.

In Krantz's Room

In Steve Krantz's Room, circa 1970

Hate is destructive to the hater, him-or-herself, within. It destroys the sensitive receptivity from which joy's blessings flow & grace & caress your days.

Steer clear of rage/hate/jealousy/prejudice. They don't damn you in some afterlife; they beget a roiling inner damnation for you in this one.

Value most what can never be stolen from you -- or what thieves consider worthless -- & you will suffer no large losses from thieves!

"They" will try to deceive you into being "proud" of your country, yourself, your achievements (or whatever...). This is a way of controlling you with "Their" values. Find your own values. Define them into life...

If you need "their" approval to validate (for you) what you have done, you have enslaved yourself to the pain & control of "their" disapproval.

Don't allow your creativity & activating accomplishment to be paralyzed by internalized values-of-others you have taken-in.

Strive for excellence -- unattainable as it may sometimes seem. Waste no time & life effort on activities that are unworthy-of-you. Maintain integrity.

The depth & breadth of a life's wisdom is measured by its understanding of & compassion for others.

What Gateways To Wonder

What Gateways To Wonder?

Child of Hope, do not allow others, do not allow painful life experiences, do not -- yourself -- destroy your own inner-Childe. The inner-Childe is your ever-Gateway to Wonder, to delight, to joy-in-life, to the paradisical-NOW -- ever & ever & ever. ONLY the destruction of that inner-Childe casts you out of Paradise.

What you are is the Seed of what you will become. You become a Childe of Light -- & Love nourishes the fullness & beauty of that blossoming. From that blossoming come more Seeds -- from your innermost Center; and the fruits of your living will be tasty, indeed. Savor their flavors in exquisite serendipity!

LOVE who you are -- & all that you will become. And COME & COME & COME again!

July 5th & 6th, 1996

~~Norman E. Masters

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