Brother Bird

Photo By Gamaliel Masters

brother bird, ascending


               brother bird, fallen --

one wing
         still still)
                      extended in flight
                                         (two folded hands
feathers spread
                to the air
                           of turbulent night
                                             (like a prayer
other wing
            is tucked
                       into soft-feathered
                       a breast
         that breathes
no more

brother bird,
             come to rest
                          in last nest
                                       of brown grasses

     (and two ants gnaw into the eyeball behind)


brother bird, fallen,
                     touching our sister
                                         (she gives benediction

 steven offers dried flowers
               john gives improvised rhymes
                                  (all for the darkflight begun

i...  i share with you your silence

              it is the silence within

           only what is before these eyes

             all... all... a mystery...
               the spaces you fly now

             & now the childe whispers:

                  "Father, bless,
         bring to rest each bird in flight
           thru the portals of the night
         soft to rest in heart's warm nest
           safe to sleep upon Thy breast
            Father/Mother/Ea, bless..."


             brother bird, arise --

                 the time of grace
                 is now, is come
             brother bird --
                 our Spirit is One
                 in the sun

                 every dying presses
                 upon our consciousness
                 renewing our dedication:
                 let us take the death
                 of every little bird
                 & extend our own wings
                 to continue that flight


             brother bird, ascendent --

                 bursting thru the barriers
                 of night's last sleep
                 with promises to keep
                 with the dawn's awakening

             from within the all-in-All
                 seed-growth begins
                 love is here, as there
                 manifesting that potential
                 of emergent divinity

             brother bird, begin
                                 flight to infinity

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[pp. 53 - 56, DAWN WINGS
Dawn Vision Press 1981]

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