Study In Green

Art by Norman E. Masters

"...the brilliant chaos..."

Tuesday 9/26/95
Sleigh Bells in
the distance

      yes, yes it's me again.
a change of pace for your day, then there.

One of the best human jokes is that we are
expected to justify our existence according
to the outlook of others, but never
one's own valid viewpoint.
Words never are enough to speak of
the moment by moment of each experience
of ourselves.
Fly away home  Fly Away Memories

We know yet we don't know -- only how the
 experience is reflected from our own lightening
 hoping it touches the strobe-ing of others (at
 times hoping they agree with our reflection
 of the world's reflection).
The threads of our life/lives are woven with
the threads of the lives of others at
our own pace in our own time, creating
a fabric of possibilities, many memories of valid
outlooks.  SummerGreen.
The brilliant chaos.
SleighBells in the distance.

And if....

Well then Norman,
            Gee whiz, now how did I get back
        to this level in my letter?
One thing about re-reading old philosophical
 type of books is that sometimes one can
 continue along the path that was started
 when one first read the book so many
 years ago  revitalizing any valid viewpoints
 one might have created the first time.


Last week I came across (and bought) an interesting
mark-down bargain book.  This book may not
pertain to me, but I have this feeling of
possible enlightenment to come upon my
psyche during my reading of it and lasting
possibilities in using the info during one's
daily life.
Gamaliel would probably benefit from its
acorns of wisdom.

The title is:  "The BS Syndrome -- How To Uncover It, Fight It
                              Master It.  by Victor Salupo
              --The Hidden secrets of B.S.
                From the Bedroom to the Boardroom"
No Norman I haven't started to read it yet, because
 the inspiration within that book might be
 so overpowering that my outlook might be
 changed too quickly.
 --oh Pete, I don't know about you, but
             I'm ready ! :)
 As I was saying Norm ... mention to
 Gamaliel that there is a new STARGATE Book out
 :"Stargate, Rebellion"
 It is a pretty fast-paced read.  A couple of days
 to read it. And after the first day I actually
  dreamt about its imagery, sort of drawn to it.
Sleigh Bells in the distance
Ladybug  LadyLuck.
~~Peter K. Ligeski

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