Light's Butterflies

Art by Norman E. Masters

o Light from the Heart of Infinity

o Light that burns from the Heart of Infinity
      living cell of living-Eternity
great is your joy amidst this frenzy of living

                          o wise & holy Light
         alive & lovely in the supreme truth
hearts would know your shining -- with the wholeness of LOVE
             enveloping sweetLOVE forevermore

o Light--
         free into joy
                      free into silence
                                       free into rest
                                                     free to heal
         work/playing thru the zeal-whims of rambunctiously-frenzied time
how beautiful, o Light, the living maturity of your childlike nature
               loving o quietloving joyloving lovetouching
               rekindling their lights with your loving strength,
                                            your loving endurance
                                            your living wonder,
                  so refreshing in the sparkle of shining delight
o living Light,
               dancing dancing dancing at the heights of your
                               bright-sharing, gracing space
                               dance-tracing the spiraling circle
                               of our JOYning, dancing circles
                               around all negativities,
               transmuting, o Bride-al(l)Light of Christ, all negativities
                    into yinyang nativity your shining into the
                               morning of our hearts
your dance caresses space with its grace

curltouch of soft cadences... heart murmurs...
                                              between convulsive gasps
                                     flickering thru the teeth of time
venturing together -- into the clear depths -- ascending beyond vanishedTime
          flushed & eager in the trembling vibrancy, weavingLightweaves
          quiver-rippling the silences
          embowered in the intimacy of wonder's slow exploration
                                              your eyes shimmer,
                              o Light of Love, musiccing our joy
         your eyes shimmer all shiver-shining, quivering my soul
                                 with the spirit of your song...
o modest & gentle Smile of sweet Light's delight, blessing into our lives
your mercy, your touch, your delicate freshness of spirit's deLight --
your love is a holy shrine enfleshed into purity of reverance & wisdom's
grace -- your love is phoenix wings soaring into the heart of the Sun,
your love is a blessing of grace, our daily bread, mother of radiances... &
your wine, o divine, is the stream that sparkles the vibrant change
from virgin hope to the blossoming of the richnesses -- lavish into the
flesh of sanctified reality -- the smile upon your lips -- your heart...
is a river flowing... river of Light! -- o LOVE, budding to fruit &
                            seeding the future...

~~by Norman E. Masters
~~from Love's Song of Songs

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