Art by Norman E. Masters

Between Heaven and Hell

written July 16, 1983


Together you and I could sail higher
than a snail
            catch a star by the tail
then tell each tales
About females and males
Fill a pail of hopes to the brim
                                and then
                                let it
                    giggling as it finds
                    its own level
                             reaching to
            any unsuspecting soul
                              even God.
...you don't think that God can be surprised?

 It has occurred to me what will happen to me when I die:::...I'll naturally
              first try to get into Heaven. I will tap at the gate and this
              fine angel will ask, "Can I help you?" I will tell him that I
              would like to come in... He will then say, "Sure! Tell me your
              name and I will check it off of my list." Iwilltellhim that I'm
              Kathleen and he will then go, "HMMMMMMmmmmm. I don't seem to
              have an opening for a 'Kathleen'. Are you sure that you aren't a
              'Pete'? I have a couple of places for that soul." "Nope!" I will
              say, "I'm Kathleen!" "Sorry," the angel will tell me, "I can't
              let you in Heaven..."
              ...Eventually, I will get down to Hell, and I'll ring the bell. This
              voluptuous woman will let me in the entrance. She will ask what
              she can do for me. I will say, "I'm Kathleen. I would like to
              come in." "Okay. Iwillcheckyourname offofmy list," she will
                          say as she sashays over to her desk.
                         "HMMMMMMMMMMM," she will comment, "I cannot find your
                          name, Kathleen?, in my book. I do have a place for
                          someone named Pete; are you sure that you are not
                          a Pete? We could always use another Pete down here..."
                         "Sorry, Icannot let you in Hell... Good Luck
                          UPSTAIRS. Cute earrings you're wearing," she
                          will say to me as I am leaving.
~~Peter Kathleen Ligeski

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