At The Heart Of The Flowering

Photo by Gamaliel Masters

In Celebration of Poetry

Is poetry more than beautiful thoughts
       dancing a chance
       across a glance-of-consciousness?

Ah, Poetry! -- do you have a mission?!

The consciousness of all humanity speaks
       thru the Voice of the poet/ess.

Poetry plucks the heartstrings with evanescent
       wonder, iridescent dreams, mellow melodies...

Poetry heals the spirit that is wounded
       infills the soul with renewed wonder
       stirs the imagination with new revelations
       begets the highest of human aspirations

Poetry purifies us
       quickens joy for its own sake

Poetry fountains from Source
       strong rivers of flowing Truth

Poetry is the whispering Silence
                                 (of hope...)

Poetry is the loftiest creation
       of human perception & inspiration...

Poetry reveals delicacy of soul & strength of heart 

Everymoment is poetry, when we truly SEE
       thru the eYES of Poetry
       shift/span/scan space, all time's graces
            these moments
       tracing their flow thru undulant lives

Poetry is a nightfall of fresh sheets
       while the owl cries the nightwind

Poetry is soft eyes & hands joining dreams
       with trembling lips

Poetry is a Lady
       dancing naked in candlelight
               fertile possibility
       giving birth
               to sensitively sensuous flesh

Poetry is an orgasm of concentration
       a knotting of particularities
       the shimmering ecstasy of the vulnerable opening...

Poetry is all delicate nuances of touch -- meshing...

Poetry is naked thighs, laughing eyes,
       a rapturous YES! let's joyjuice the
       froLick!someMOREnight! -- & soar!

Poetry knows no bounds in tantalizing suggestiveness;
       simple wonder is its strength

Poetry speaks the languages of stones & sea
       breaking thru the dykes & dams of rules' constraints
       with an unloosed torrent of variable-vocables
       tiding strange stimulations, inspiriting
       elevations of the soul, tingle-mingling
       tintinnabulations unequaled in blithe-glee
       flighting an infinite variety of sweetvoices
       tendering fresh jollity
       streaming liberty's vagrant caprice

Poetry is where imagination grows benignly amorous
       with all noble emotions, giving birth
       to obscure impulses that take exquisite
       pleasure in what-iffing the ineffable

Poetry is the wine of the cosmos, all weirdly
       wonderful in its exhilarating oddnesses

Poetry is the mystic play of the meta-organic function
       of a plethora of idiosyncratic anomalies
       (sometimes discovering moonflowers in
       strange gardens whiffling alien fragrances...)

& ah! sweet-limbed Poetry, where
       in a spirit of titillating playfulness
       we tongue evocative phrases
       snatched -- like a sacrament -- 
       from the almshouse of the Muses
       -- to amuse ourselves -- to
       revivify our sense of enchantment
       -- to inspire quivering intensitudes
       in the mute lover's persistence in
       penetrating the pregnant Silence...
                   night holding the snow
                   in suspended animation...
       all those delicious shivers of anticipation...

Poetry is all finenesses of textures
       of heartsinging vibrance
          --spraydrift of ripe sensitivity
                seeding the night
                seeding the sunlight
            rainbowing ripening hope...

Poetry is the luminous language of the stars
       upon the mirror of Infinity...

Poetry is the brighteyes of the serene spirit --
       in harmony with the vitality of the universe

Poetry is the deeper silence behind all words
                           of all speakers...

Poetry is the blind groping
       of hidden roots for the Light's caress...

Poetry is love's passion for the Divine...

Poetry is the freedom the imagination loves
          the shining stimulation
             joysongs of light
          creatures of air & flight...

Poetry speaks the evolutionary language of the soul

Poetry is the search for the innermost essence

Poetry is the heartshrine, shining

Poetry traces the development & perfection
                         of ThaT within us

In the luminescence of recurrent longings
       poetry is holy
       as the softness of infancy

Poetry is the ecstasy of the Divine
                       enfleshed into Word

Poetry is the cosmic-orgasm of the eternal
              flooding from the inner room

Poetry plants time-seeds
       that may not sprout for a thousand years

Poetry is phoenix feathers & flesh petals
                     coming to the stars

Poetry is the gurgling
       of the Children of God
       the wild sweet music of aeolian wind
       harping the highest Truths

Poetry is robes of livingLight
       clothing the Children of the Light
       -- rainbow radiant
Poetry is the speech of this Divine Generation
                                  of woomen...

Poetry is the song to be ever-returned-to
       echoing thru the chambers of our heart's fondest
       memories, again & again & fountaining felicity's again...

Ah, Poetry -- what more to say?  When one comes
       face-to-Face with Poetic Reality
       Poetry is GODDESS! undressing the naked light!
       Poetry is the Living Spirit
       dancing into time-out-of-mind, dancing
       even into maya-dreams to allure us towards
       the SHOCK! of AWAKE!in-ing...

Poetry i am That I AM...
~~norman e. masters

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