Gamaliel At 9 Months

Gamaliel At 9 Months

Being A Mother

New day

sun shines brightly in eyes
love touches all about
      body sparkles
      sunlight bright

boychild opens wide
      his eyes
greets the sun with
      gentle delight

      bubbles deep within
      warmth enfold me
      blanket of water
      hush me to sleep

the joys of motherhood unfold

Tiny fingers search their world
paper... dirt.. plants...
& ah yes...
I've discovered my ears!

Now I know I have
fingers & toes
& even a nose!

Motherhood sets me to glow
each time I look upon your face.
Your smile of happiness
blossoms good feelings.
When I cradle you in my arms
as you drink of the nectar of myself
-- sweet into you
-- the contentness we feel
just being close is a gift from Father.

Your tears of discontent
bring me to your side
to ease this feeling; & we embrace
& chase them all away.

You grow each day
more beatuiful
in your own individual way.

Little hands so strong
reach out to learn
all within touch.

Memories of you within
never conceived such wonders of now
& those that lie ahead.

Gamaliel And Linda

Gamaliel And Linda

Show me now

Little hands ask for guidance
now it continues
& on thru into manhood

Our love begins now
& grows & grows
as our Father intended

Holding you close is my favorite pasttime
-- to rock you, or just cuddle
as we do -- is my joy

We play -- learning
I do & then you do
& with your small hand
you guide me to show you
again & again

Little hands ask for guidance
"Show me now --
teach me how..."

Little One --

you have given me such joy
peep-a-boo you do with covers
patty cake perfected
music you enjoy --
moving when you hear it;
mischief you employ
when eyes are not too near

playing in the soft sands
you ate of the earth
dirt & rock in mouth -- such joy!
walking along the beach
tears & anger

sun-waves, birds...
everywhere we play & learn
you swing in the breeze
as a smile of contentment unfolds
move with ease & speed
with determination
when falling, bounce
a bump of two stops progress
only a short time

Gamaliel In Flower Field

Gamaliel In Flower Field

little tracks
you follow will lead you
to where our Little Explorer is about

Laughter echoes
from across the field

His dependence on us
becomes less & less each day

And the wings grow stronger

I read somewhere
that the 2 greatest gifts
you can give your child
are *roots* & a *pair of wings*

I find joy in his exploring
& strength in his constant trying,
accomplishing goals

Motherhood, at times,
is such a burst of joy

There are no words
to express the feeling

Love truly
grows beautiful children

~~re:Workings from Linda's Journal 1979 - 80

~~Linda Lee Gardner-Masters

Linda, May 1980 [To Cosmic Wind Main Page]