Irene Dodge

Irene Dodge
Photo by Gamaliel Masters

Goodnight, Irene

January 9, 2004

Becky called around eleven this morning. Her mother officially "passed" at 8:05 a.m. Becky said Irene had been comatose the past few days. She believes Irene was really gone early yesterday evening (Thursday, January 8th).

Tuesday, January 6th, in the early afternoon, i asked Becky, over the phone, to hold Irene's hand for me when she seemed to be aware & tell her i loved her, that i would miss her & to *please* try to contact me & "stay in touch" from the Other Side.

i received what i perceived as being two brief "contacts" (on the "thought stream") from Irene between the time when Becky passed that on to Irene & Irene's own passing-over.

Somewhat after 10:30 p.m. 6.Jan.04, in an emptied-mind receptive state, i heard:

Voice: "This Mom was a highly eccentric & complex person."

[That could *definitely* be in reference to Irene!]

Then i heard (& wrote down in my BedNotes, immediately after) --

"...weeks... it's really uncomfortable..."

[Irene *has* been dying in bed for weeks, now... She surprised her family & the physician that she was still alive by Christmas.]

"...going down..."

[Which would also be indicative of Irene dying, & fully aware of it...]

"The heritage thing -- from August trying to do..."

[Could *well* be relating to something Irene was writing... She's been passionate about history & historical preservation; & Becky made mention to me of an article by Irene, that she'd submitted in August, if i remember correctly, being published in the recent December issue of Idaho Magazine.]

"The moment I die I doubt you."

[*Lots* of sceptism in Irene -- as, really, in *myself*!]

"I was going to call."

i *believe* that that *was* Irene, "getting thru" telepathically.

Bed Notes 8.Jan.04

i *think* Irene just came thru -- "Norman -- I'm trying to call you" ~~ at just before 1:30 a.m.

[That was *barely* heard. i was thinking my *own* scattered thoughts at the time -- but did "hear" it.]

The Song Goes On

The Song Goes On
Art by Norman E. Masters

Adventure Far

It's going to be an Adventure, Irene!
Turn left past the next Dream
& spiral thru the next star!

Bless you with warmth all-blessing;
live & joy in the radiant splendors.

Adventure far & seed Dreams
with numinous Knowings
star-seed sowings
transmissions from Beyond.

Are there really Heavenly Songs?
Do the stars, themselves, sing?

What strange wonders?

Is it thought*speak over there?
Do souls *sing* the meanings/ the loving
upon waves of joy?

in the freeing...

Bliss unending?

On the other side of "death"
what Life undreamed?
what mysteries unimagined, here?

Can words express?
No words needed Over There?

Light twing!lings
soulspeak radiances
no more breathing
but *living* as beautiful *worlds* !

Keep in touch!
If anyone can, *you* can!

--with love,

1:51 a.m., 8.I.04


Art by Norman E. Masters

Today I rise in *Her* complete Light

Today I rise in *Her* complete Light
the empty shell of death-called-life behind me.
And it is with a sense of freedom & of joy.

There are those who grieve my leaving
& those who will miss me
to whom I am dear & who are dear to me;
& these I *will* be touching-in with,
so deeply, thru the Veil that stretches
between such Joy of Life in this Light of *Her*
& opaque gropings for the Larger Meanings
while in bodies of flesh, still unknowing.

Today I rise in Her complete Light
... & knowing this is *OUR* Joy!

I am aware & *alive!* as never before
in this everness of awakening into *Her*;
for I have entered Her very heartbeat
as We are entering *yours* this very moment.

Her Essence of Immortality flows thru me
like waves of song... effervescent and
exhilarating; and I AM these waves,
uplifted in the singing... knowing
my own immortality in Her...

Waves of energy, jizming, energy fibers binding
us into one, interweaving us into this mesh
of evermore*ing, twing*ling in Her as
golden crests upon Her Ocean of Eternity...

Entire *worlds* are evolving, in the mesh We are become...

O radiant core of Your Heart of Eternity, Mother of Light,
I am swept up in the influx & outflux
of Your radiant energies... vibrant & golden,
incandescent with *living* coronas,
living halos of glory are *dancing* Your glory!

For You are the Glory of glories,
all glories *radiant* from You
as Source of all wonder.

O Wonder of wonders! brightly illuminating
All that can be known in such awesomeness.

6.Jan.04, Tuesday

~~for Irene Dodge, passing over...

Upon Wings Of Song

Upon Wings Of Song
Art by Norman E. Masters

Jan. 11, 2004, 11:10 a.m.

"We were discussing butterflies and angels and intimate things, and of course in the latter Lennie came up." -- Irene Dodge, upon the thought-waves.

Lennie was her second spouse.

~~norman e. masters

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