Core of the Laceries, Penetrance

Art by Norman E. Masters



To Love Or Not To Love -- Real Liberation For Womenkind
by Caroline Kuijper

"Too much women's activity is concerned with 'getting a place in the sun' of Patriarchal Society without in any way challenging its basic institutions."

i have been crazy all my life...
by Bill Hamer

"Someday, if you have not already, you will realize that everyone is crazy. Being crazy is not a problem. Pain and suffering are problems. Crazy is someone's unique point of view. ...No two minds being alike, everyone's point of view is unique."

Moral Insanity and the Rise Of Big Brother
by Michael Tobin

"Technocratic Fascism is a sickness of the soul which springs from the schizoid mass individual of today. ...the technocratic fascist can go calmly to his office or laboratory every morning and spend the working day 'objectively' devising new kinds of horrible weapons, or ...he might give his time to working on monetarist economic policies while treating as a mere statistic the millions of people who will suffer as a result of their implementation."

What Kind Of Education Is Best For Maintaining Democracy?
by Carol Seaton

"In 1958 we replaced our domestic, peace time, liberal education with the German model of education for technology, for military and industrial purposes. We have since been on the same path that resulted in Germany starting two world wars."

Shamanism And Cultural Imperialism
by Gaia

"Real Shamanism involves profound understanding and implementation of many various altered states of consciousness; journeys to Other levels/realms of reality; making and maintaining battles and alliances with the Beings encountered in those Other realms (who may have very different intentions and attitudes toward mere humans); reclaiming and battling for spiritual substance and Soul matter that has been "split off" from the personality; and physical, spiritual, emotional, psychic and psychological healing."

Poetry As Criteria For Truth
by Cathie Many Veils

"The goal of the poem is to bridge the gap between thought and experience; the poem accomplishes this bridge by toying with and hiding from direct thought in order to evoke image, feeling, silence."

Scattered Musings Upon Freedom
by Norman E. Masters

"Freedom works its quiet change, ever, about us. Growth cannot happen without change. Evolution -- physical, mental, spiritual -- is impossible without change. Without change there is no freedom, for freedom cannot exist in changeless stagnancy."

Actual Presence
by Sarah Shannon

"Words words and she said fire lifting the chalice from the marble counter top and peering into its wine drenched depths. My reflection, vaporous struggles..."

When Will We Ever Learn
by Sharon Pacione

"warmongers, the great pretenders,
feigning democracy and freedom
blind patriots rally to call war normal,
sucked into the black hole of big brother"

To Cosmic Wind To Love Or Not To Love, Real Liberation For Womenkind