Lelane, Dreaming

Lelane, Dreaming
Art by Norman E. Masters
from a photo by Jaynell Masters

Dare To Dream

It is of dreams which we sing
Of dreams which we write
Of dreams an artist paints
Dreams are lovers in the night

The dream is always the song
Birds sing before dawn
It is the essence of spring
When winter has withdrawn

The dream is of a perfect love
And erotic imagery
The laughter and the loving
Playing out our fantasy

The wonder and the mystery
Of the moment of dreams made real
Holds our minds and hearts
With a hope we dare not feel

So we pray and we fight
We plan and we scheme
We forsake and we sacrifice
In pursuit of the dream

Sing the song of the dawning sun
Paint the essence of spring
Write the tales of wondrous loves
For the dreaming is the thing

~Lelane McCarty

Mother Earth Worldswirl 12.jpg

Art by Norman E. Masters

Reach For The Dream

reach for the dream that shivers
as beautifully as a single star
through the boughs of a tall tall tree
--the dream which flashes its light
like twinkling crystals of delight

reach for a dream
that has never been dreamed before
reach for the dream that reaches
as high as the sky
                  --& still further

reach for the dream that explores
beyond the pathless reaches of air
--the dream that soars
to cavort with stars
--shining as lovely, beaming as far

reach for the dream
as lovely as rainbows
as lively as children
as peaceful as moonlight
as warm as heartglow
as iridescent as butterfly wings
as pure as mountain snow

reach for the dream
that will sow its seeds
thru a world of darkness
--transmuting that darkness
with its vision of beauty & light
into a world that shines as bright
as love's sweet joy

--norman e. masters

[pp. 81 - 82, OUR VOICE edited by Norman E. Masters, Dawn Vision Press, 1986]

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