Art by Norman E. Masters


What would the world be like, you ask,
     if depth called not to height?
If cold and hot were neutralised
     And day merged gray with night?

What if there were no yearnings
     For unfulfilled delights?
What if adventure cried not
     For wild blue space-filled flights?

What if my Lover's Passion
     Grows dull and fades away?
Would the moon still shine?
     Would stars blaze forth?
     Would flowers bloom in May?

Neutrality knows no season,
     No winter before Spring;
No summer growth -- no harvest yield,
     No bursting songs to sing.

Where would you be, Beloved,
     If all on earth should die?
Would I be conscious still of You?
     Or would there be no "I" --

But merely Forces merged or joined
     In Eternal Embrace?
I could not look into your eyes
     Or gaze upon your face,

Or feel your arms,
     Or touch your hair;
Knowing naught
     Of Joy -- Despair.

It would be merely "We" once more
     No bursting suns -- no dragon's lore.
Together -- ONE -- all senses stilled
     Complete -- at rest -- and all fulfilled.

'Tis not enough!
     Eternal Breath
Gives tides and season,
     Life and Death!

With inhaled Breath we rested now
     On silent, sleeping wings;
No dreaming sleep nor sleeping dream
     Nor beating heart that sings.

The Moment passed.  It might have been
     Ten thousand years or more.
The exhaltation of the Breath
     Began with whispered roar --

That broke the barrier of Sound
     Vibrating high and low;
Celestial Music permeating
     Creation's Newest Flow.

We Breathed Our Breath -- Exhaled Our Song,
     Broke Our Embrace.  And then
Enraptured:  Mother -- Father -- Child --
     Began once more again.

~~Philinda Fox

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