La Luna

Great Goddess of All Creation

January 27, 1985, ten forty-one a.m.
 the polarity?

         Great Goddess Of All Creation!
         Is it so?
             that the light,
                  the dark....
         Colors too are alive?
                           "Yes, my daughter, they have always had life.
                            So long it has taken you to discover this truth."
         Great Goddess? Everything -is? are? Cells of my cells;
                                                   of our cells?
                          "My daughter, you have known it all along;
                                       your heart needed to open,
                                                         to communicate,
                                                         to touch,
                                                         to become one with
                                                         all before you could
                                                         discover this truth.
                          "My dear Kathleen, what is discovery? My love for
                                                              you and all of
                          "...each speck upon the Earth, grains of sand, dewdrops,
                           flight of wings, molten rock, molecules of air,
                           atoms, DNA, cells of your cells, everyone's cells."
         Dear Goddess, ......a group mind?
                             All of us, together? We are God?

the vortex.
to touch is emotion.
to become one with all;

I touch you with my thoughts;
I touch you with my kisses,
                 my heart,
                 my soul.
I touch you with my tears.
I touch you with my laughter.
I touch you with my past,
                 my future,
                 my present.
To touch is emotion.
I touch you with my loneliness.
~~Kathleen Peter Ligeski

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