Oval Blue Heart Light

Art by Norman E. Masters

upon love's nest of sweet delight

o dewdrop love i'll sing of your allure
your nest of joy is soft as kitten fur
moist & slick are your labial lips
warm with desire your heart's harvest fire
reaching higher & higher

your lips pout for tongue
to ripple a poetry forever young
to tease this song between longing loins
in music of nuzzling spheres conjoined

in your chalice my tonguetip lilts & shivers
sweet arpeggios on loveslips quiver
in throbbing dance of lick & slither
of zing! & zither!
hither! & thither!

we sing symphony of shared juice trickle
& harmony of touch-tippling tickle
playing these passages around & tuck in
while whispering lips make wish to suck in

softly they sip of love's sweetest honey
taste liquid flow where your tulips run yummy
sup love's cornucopia of banquet bared
& linger there in your nectar rare

o sing, mouth fluttering in Eve's evening cup,
dipping & swishing it -- bottom's-up!

end with delight drying on fingers
where love's sweet aroma
lingers & lingers...

circa 1978

              ~~by Norman E. Masters

[from TIMESCAPES, Poetry by Norman E. Masters
Dawn Vision Press 1985]

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