LightWeave 2

Art by Norman E. Masters

Create Hope


Hi Norman!
Welcome Back Home!  :)

         Me oh my !
         What can I say.
I've done it again.  I wrote two more letters
                  to Wards Corporate Offices.
My last.
I look at these letters, what I've written,
and I wonder perhaps they answer a lot
of questions for myself.

Maybe I'll get fired.  Is that what I want?

I still believe that life is fantastic.  I seem to
have no more time.  I get sad and I use the
                  "energy" to create hope.
                  I get angry and I use the
                  "energy" to create hope.
                  I become indifferent and I
                  use that energy to create hope.
Norman, but where is hope to lead me?
And what do I do with the hope after I've
created it?  Share it!  :)  Is that what my
two letters to Wards are about -- hope?  Aren't I
sharing gossip (the truth?)  With hope one
can create change.

Norman, I don't know if you will agree
with what I wrote to Chicago.  Or you may
be offended.
Still, I feel it was the right thing to do.
      Something that needed to be said
      now ; to make the company aware
             of now.  Norman, are these letters
                               of any value?
So now how do I feel?  I still feel sad.
Do I feel triumphant?  No.
Do I want to feel triumphant?  NO.

I want to continue on my search for
creativity.  World let me be.

Well, if not here (Earth) ,  then I will
     explore and find creativity in the universe.
Of course this me will never know that, but
I have hope for other "me's".  I will "share"
everything I have with those "of me" to be.

hmmm...  all fantasy.

In your last letter to me from your
Dad's home, you mentioned about religion.  When
people ask me my religious beliefs, I like to
say that I believe in WICCA.  :)  Caretakers of
                       the Earth  :) .)
Somewhere I even have a "Pagan child's coloring book".  :)

                 well, that's it  for now.


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