Eye Of The Heart

Art by Norman E. Masters

Steve Krantz's
Love Poem to *You*

I wanted to write you
something from my mind
a small treasure to dazzle
your eyes

all is now

how can i show you what you
already see?

it comes
down to true poetry

all i can say is

what about you?
you and those crazy
eyes spilling out of your head into
everybody else's?
what about your love
that turns me upside down, shakes me up
even hurting, 
as we fall
and what about your crazy smile
that fixes it all?


a picture on my wall
a hole to fall into
you take me
someplace not so hard to be at
wondering, sometimes you
like a shy cat
unintentionally staring, looking as to call

I walk up to pet you --
run gracefully away
a picture of your eyes

I suppose if I looked close enough
I would see you
falling away


I want
more than just 
a figure

I want more than just
a meaning

I want more than just
law or letters or
chants or megaphone
I want...

you in you
reaching out to
my strange almost loving hands

I like buttons
& things that turn off
and on when they're supposed to
you know

like you

Watching you smile
& fantasizing
or something


I:AM  Fire  Thought

I sit now tight legged
on the floor
think of you again
(you so warm)
the long moments
watching you grow
talking where we are
like to be

the fire reflects 
my feelings
but it soon dies

Don't worry

But there you are
No time or fireplace

to have you become

to become

                              ~~Steve Krantz

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