Flowering The Wonder Flow

Art by Norman E. Masters

be gentle

Very hazardous this poetry writing be gentle with my thoughts

Write a good poem paste it on the wall and smile at it for an hour What kind of religion is that?

ain't had nobody in so long to share my poetry with it just sits here in this book playing itself over and over like a broken record left to itself while a couple makes some love

OB. 1 Face on the window pain the world outside asks its question do i know it hears my answer OB. 2 "It takes no imagination to write these poems," she said. "Imagine that," said I. OB. 3 Morning dawn calling evening minds falling CRASH OB. 4 Numbering poems to throw at the wall thick and sicken it OB. 5 Still in bed thinking Have all the candle poems been written? It's not fair.

~~ Steven Krantz

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